Saturday, August 21, 2010

Smoothies Return!


More like brunch.


Made myself an egg and cheese bagel sandwich and had some chocolate milk, an orange and some sausage to go with it. Very delicious.



Tested out the blender to make sure it works.

Green Monster Smoothie

Frozen berry blend
lots of spinach
some V8 pomegranate blueberry drink
half a banana

Alex and I both had one. Definitely need to get sherbet since the freezer actually freezes to make our smoothies thicker!

Then we played Farkle and had 1.5 trader joes Chocolate Chip Dunkers


Alex wanted to show off the chocolate side and the cookie side. He had already taken a bite out of one haha.



Dinner did not look too good so I opted for the “white/yellow/brown” meal because the pizza looked incredible and who can deny cheese fries? Also had my daily orange juice.



Alex always makes me ice cream. I didn’t eat the cone because alex said it was stale, so I just had the ice cream part!




Our school has a movie channel that plays movies that were just released all throughout the week. So we caught Shutter Island and watched it. Definitely made you think. I won’t say anything more in case you all haven’t seen it. But it was interested.


Had an off day of running today but tomorrow I will be doing my long run with the girls at 7am. So I’m going to hit the hay!


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Anonymous said...

aww..i think its so precious you and alex go to the same school and everything. don't you guys get sick of eachother?! i kidd, i kidddd ;)

btw..what're your thoughts on eating fats after running? i've read in a buncha places that it's not beneficial to consume fats after exercising, and to only focus on lean proteins and carbs..but there are days when i cravee an avocado sandwich after running :/
what're your/alex's thoughts on the matter? since you two run a lot?

Kelsey said...

i never ate the cone as a kid! i still dont, unless its a delicious waffle cone..but i never likes these ones, the crunchy kind that tastes less appretizing to me than paper lol.

k ive never heard of farkle, call me crazy, but if i could enjoy some cookies afterwards too, then im in :) hehe


Matt said...

Shutter Island is good! I hope you enjoyed it ;)

Anonymous said...

i haven't seen the movie yet but i LOVED the book. it was wayyyy good and i had to re-read the ending twice!

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen Shutter Island but I read the book and it was fantastic

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