Sunday, August 22, 2010

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These Clif Crunch Bars are incredible. They are like the Nature Valley ones but I love the chocolate chip pieces!

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Run: 6.4 Miles in 54:37 [8:32 per mile]

3:23 (.4) @ 8:35 pace


Post Run




Brunch again. My school only offers brunch on the weekends, which stinks because we eat at 10 and then have to wait until 4 for dinner and then you’re hungry all the time!


Applesauce, chocolate milk, egg and cheese sandwich. The sausage on it wasn’t cooked all the way so I had to take it off :(


Then I had some ham and mac n cheese along with daily orange juice.


Got hungry again around 2pm.


Triscuits and cheese. I absolutely LOVE triscuits and eat them plain.


Some Q&A for you!

An anonymous reader wrote “aww..i think its so precious you and alex go to the same school and everything. don't you guys get sick of eachother?! i kidd, i kidddd ;)
btw..what're your thoughts on eating fats after running? i've read in a buncha places that it's not beneficial to consume fats after exercising, and to only focus on lean proteins and carbs..but there are days when i cravee an avocado sandwich after running :/
what're your/alex's thoughts on the matter? since you two run a lot?”

So onto the answers…

1. We actually don’t get sick of eachother! We live about 30 minutes apart back at home so we only get to see eachother about once or twice a week. So when we are at school we do see eachother everyday but since we have the same interests and are both runners, we have almost the same schedules. Plus we do allow time for ourselves as well. Which I think definitely helps not getting sick of eachother!

2. With your question about fats after running. After you have ran you deserve food, if you are craving an avocado sandwich go for it. Just consume a drink that has some carbs and protein in it to get your electrolytes back up. Chocolate milk is a great post run/workout drink because the carbs to protein ratio is perfect. For an athlete your average fat intake should be around 35% of your calories for the day. Your sandwich will also consists of carbs with the bread, and if you add other things to it that could add protein or more carbs even then it’s perfect!

The reason why you need carbs and protein after a workout is because that is where your energy comes from. Primary energy source is carbohydrates and then protein is next. So you have to replace your lost glycogen by refueling with carbs and protein after. It’s not necessary to replace fats that might have been used during exercise, but you can eat them post workout/run as long as you are still refueling with your carbs/proteins. But like I said, just combine something to your avocado sandwich! You’re a hardworking athlete that deserves to treat yourself to food you like and crave. All with moderation.


If anyone has any other questions, I’d love to answer. But just remember it’s just my opinion and/or my knowledge of what I’ve been taught so far. So other opinions are always helpful!


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Anonymous said...

i think it's cute that you guys go to the same school too! i think "me" time is SO important in relationships. even keeping semi-separate circles of friends too just so that you have diversity in your life. it seems like you two are very well balanced :)

Dad said...

Empty your trashcan!!!

misszippy said...

Ha, ha on your dad's comment! Love the running outfit.

Yep, choco milk is the miracle recovery food. I always keep some on hand.

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