Friday, August 20, 2010

WOW a lot to catch up

It’s been awhile, hasn’t it!! I’ve been so busy and have hardly have had time to get online, much less blog.

So here’s a giant recap!



My mom got home and wanted to take me out to dinner before I left for Alex’s.

We went to the Pasta House, which was not a good choice. They have raised their prices and the last few times I have been I have gotten incredibly ill. It’s truly sad because this used to be my favorite restaurant growing up and it’s gone completely downhill.


We started off with the cheesy bread because it was on special for 1.99


Of course I ordered the tortellini because I always do haha. FAVORITE pasta ever.


Except when the sauce is drowning the poor guys. This is why Pasta House Tortellini does not make my top 3 list.

Top 3 list:
1. Massa’s Italian Restaurant
2. Old Spaghetti Factory
3. Erios Italian Ristorante


Then I went to Alex’s because we were leaving early the next day to head to school!



Left around 9 for school because we had to do some last minute things before. Got to school around 10:30 and literally wasn’t done unloading our cars until 1 or 1:30. My whole body was/is still sore.

Were rushing so we didn’t eat breakfast and then by the time we were unpacked the cafeteria was closed, so hello Rowdy’s Fried Food. Cheesy tots are back! hahah



Two corn dogs, cheesy tots and an unpictured gatorade.


Ran with my friend Lanie at 4:30 when the sun was really hot. But we had no other timespot to run. Was supposed to do my midweek long run of 6 miles but with the traveling and moving my body was so sore I could hardly move.

Run: 4 Miles in 35:00 [8:45 per mile]

Took it slow because of the heat and hills. It’ll take a bit to get adjusted to hills everywhere.



haha awkward but there’s the outfit and all my stuff still in boxes.



We had a team get together for dinner and had some homemade pasta.


I didn’t eat much because I was still full from lunch and had just gotten done running.




pre run fuel with water


Had practice at 7am. Just a recovery run.

Run: 4.01 Miles in 32:19 [8:03 per mile]

ran with one group of girls for the first mile then felt pretty good so the next three are with the first group of girls.



It’ll get less awkward, promise. hah. I’ll find a better picture setup/not such a weird angle.


Got done with practice and of course it’s time for post run fuel!


Eggs, sausage and ham. The eggs were a bit runny and made me feel sick so I only had about half.


Also a huge glass of chocolate milk! Best recovery drink in my mind. That’s Alex saying “food is good fuel for runners” haha not really.



We were out shopping and missed lunch AGAIN so we picked up some taco bell.

I got a beefy 5 layer burrito. You know what that looks like.




As I got my lunch today I thought about “dad’s going to comment on how white/brown/yellow my meal looks” Thankfully they had a fruit bowl and I dug out the grapes and pineapple. My chicken there was really hard and nasty so I ate alex’s (see below) It was good and I traded him it for a piece of pizza.







warm up - 10min - 1.15 miles
cool down - 10 min - 1.02 miles

Hill workout: 2.62 Miles in 21:43 [8:17 per mile]

total daily mileage: 4.79 miles

Then we had an ice bath. Those hurt my feet sooo much. I honestly wouldn’t mind them so much if my feet weren’t in so much pain. I think Patrick said it best, you feel like you want to cut your own feet off hah. 10 minutes in the ice bath.


Towers was closed AGAIN! So Rowdy’s it was.


Tuna sandwich and a banana but I saved the banana for a smoothie later on. And an unpictured powerade is missing.


Alex and I then went to get some groceries and some more things we needed like trash cans, extension cords and a lamp etc. Thankfully that should be enough of buying things. I think everything is bought except for maybe the toilet paper and cleaning supplies in the future.




Chips and cheese!! I wish I would’ve brought my Triscuits from home because my mom bought me a brand new box. But I bought a new one because I didn’t bring it. :(


Dinner was at towers and was pretty good!


My daily orange juice to keep you healthy, a bratwurst, fried okra and some corn. Yes, that is probably the most vegetables you’ll ever see on a plate of mine at one time! hah

Then they had ice cream bar but the ice cream was melted because it had been out for awhile.


I took 3 bites and didn’t eat anymore.


Our dorm room looks like this!


My bed’s the top one. If you look closely you can see Lucy looking out the window on the bed. hah. Too cute.


Casey’s desk and our cool wall clings!


My desk!

P8200029 P8200030

Our cool $15 bookcase/tv stand and then our sweet fridge/freezer and microwave.

Our room is really nice and spacey, I love it.


So now you are all caught up. This first week I might be extremely busy because there are a lot of things I have to go to for cross country with pictures, physicals etc and then school starts monday, but I promise there will be scheduled posts sometime in the future and not so sporadic!

Q: What have you been up to since I haven’t had time to read blogs at all! Had to mark “marl all as read” and felt awful!


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Fat Brother said...

bunk beds... nice. now you have so much more room for activities!

Matt said...

Haha you have bunk beds? Cool ;)

josh healy said...

hi, hope it's ok to contact you here. we would love to include your blog on our giveaway search engine: giveaway scout ( have a look and if interested, use our online form to add your blog ( ). thanks, josh

Anonymous said...

don't feel bad about mark all as read! i've been doing that a lot this summer, although it makes me feel sad to do it too.

holy recap :) i love the set up and color scheme of your dorm room. wayyyy cool :)

Jeri said...

You didn't finish your ice cream!?!?!?!? when it's all melty like that, it's my fave. :) Love the dorm room set up. :)

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