Sunday, July 10, 2011

Great Comments Make My Day


So as I was looking through the pictures I took I found this one below. I was shocked by my leg muscle. Check it out.


How crazy does that look! We are not talking about my massive quadricep but my tibialis anterior. (This is me practicing my muscles and since my anatomy and physiology is a bit rough since I took that junior year of high school. Now junior year of college I will be in anatomy and physiology 2. Wonderful.)

Well my run was going to be 8 miles because I was planned to work Sunday which is today. It was insanely hot in the morning that I only got in 5 miles.

I hit the pool with my bff and teammate Jessica. She’s going to love me for posting this picture because she says that it looks like she is wearing a white sports bra underneath her swimsuit.


We hit up the pool at our apartment and it was pretty much awesome. We are trying to get rid of our running tan lines from our sports bras. I told Jessica she should probably give up because I don’t think she can get rid of hers haha. Especially when we run everyday in sports bras.


I received a wonderful comment a few minutes ago that made me smile!


Whoever you are, you brightened my day. I will be posting more pictures of what I eat! It will just take me a bit to start remembering to photograph before eating which is a hard task. Smile 

But this brings up a really good blog post for me. I also can agree with this reader, that reading bloggers and seeing the food they eat, makes me extremely sad. I just feel bad for them because they think they are being healthy and so good but honestly I think some have more disordered eating than healthy eating. I’m sorry, but eating a big bowl of vegetables as a meal does not make you healthy. But I will talk more about that in an actual post related to that!

Hope all is well out there!!

Q: Do you ever question the food bloggers post?

Q: How hot is it where you are? Today it got to 103 degrees when I got done with work. Running was not in question for me today sadly. That is way too hot.

Q: Don’t you love wonderful comments on your blog? I seriously love every one of my readers! Well the majority. I know some people read my blog, especially visits from fb and then judge me, but that’s their time their wasting, not mine.


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Anonymous said...

Q.) There are a few food bloggers who I question, but most of them have disclosed that they've had eating disorders in the past. But, just because someone has an eating disorder, doesn't necessarily mean they eat a certain way either- some people with EDs don't eat healthier than anyone else, really. I know I don't eat completely healthy myself, but it shouldn't be taboo to post pics of eating ice cream or sweetened cereal, etc. I love healthy food too, but sometimes I read food blogs and question if they REALLY enjoy what they're eating.

Q.) Sounds like we have similar weather. I'm looking forward to like, October-March, when the running weather is good here.

Q.) I love wonderful comments too and try to respond to each one :).

Your muscles are amazing and really defined! I run a lot but don't lift all that much so mine are pretty... nondefined, haha. Good luck to your friend getting rid of her tan lines, but as runners- we completely understand :).


Anonymous said...

OMG! I so love your shorts. Congrats on those great leg muscles too. Lots of hard work so I'm sure you deserve them.

Anonymous said...

I do love wonderful comments. I also love your shorts and your leg muscle. That is seriously crazy. Your friend and I can be twinnies as I have a pretty cray cray tan line. Tell her to take photos with me instead bahaha.

Anonymous said...

I'm an anonymous reader too and I love your blog =)

I'm also a runner, and I can totally relate to you. We run pretty similar times. My track mile pr this year was pretty much exactly what you just ran in your race (although I'm more of a 3200 girl). It's totally possibly for you to run sub 20- I have ran 19:59 twice (once yesterday!), and am probably capable of lower.

Keep doin' what you're doin' =) You rock.

Hwasun said...

I guess I am an anonymous reader too :) I have been reading your blog for a while but I think this is my first time to leavy any comment! I live in Korea and it isn't so bad now at least temperature-wise. It is only 71 today but it is POURING!!! It said on the news that this year it is raining 6 times more compared to average year. Global warming!! I sometimes like hot weather but can't bear the humidity :(

Btw your legs look amazing! And the picture of your friend made me laugh hard!! She looks great though!

Brooke {FreeBird Runner} said...

Sweet tibialis anterior! Haha!!

I am probably in the same boat as you about questioning food bloggers eats.. and claiming it as healthy.. but you are so right, another post for another day!

P.S. Digging the new background of your photos :-P

Anonymous said...

OMG OMG my comment made the blog! Front page news, baby!
In unrelated news, I love your pink polka dot shorts and cute little black bikini! You always look so healthy, happy, and fit in all of your pictures :)

-Anonymous :)

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