Saturday, July 9, 2011

Can You See Me Now?

My dad says I need to stop hunching over in my pictures. Example:


So I tried and tried but for some reason I couldn’t position the camera right and this is what I continued to get:


Can you see me now?

So I gave up.


I’ll figure it out some time because I know I can fit, I just need to get the positioning and height of where I put the camera right I guess.

Run: 6 miles (whoops, only did 5) with 3x3xuphill strides (not included in the 6 miles)

We had speed development which was 3 x gradual hill strides at 87% race pace and 3 x steep hill strides at 97%

2.28 Miles in 17:38 [7:44 per mile]

7:26 - 7:42 - 2:29

3 x gradual hills

.10 @ 6:42 pace
.11 @ 7:21 pace
.11 @ 6:44 pace
my second one was slow because I stepped in a hole and hurt my ankle a little

1 Mile in 8:10 [8:10 per mile]

this was pity mileage between my gradual hills and steep hills.

1.8 Miles in 14:15 [7:55 per mile]

7:50 - 6:25

****As I am writing this, I just realized I only ran a little over 5 miles instead of 6. haha FAIL!

After my run I refreshed with a nice glass of chocolate milk.


I also decided to share with you what I wore to work on Thursday because it is a really cute shirt. However, I am sad to say the belt loop in it broke so I’m going to have to get all Martha Stewart up in here and sew it back up.


Also I drank out of my favorite mug ever.


“Tigger is that you?”

I have an obsession with Winnie the Pooh ever since I can remember. Anyway, I am totally seeing the new adventures of winnie the pooh in theatres. Start judging me now. Smile 

Q: Do you enjoy your job? I absolutely LOVE my job and that is wonderful because it’s hard to find a job you really enjoy and don’t mind working 9 hours a day or more.

Q: Who is your favorite character from Winnie the Pooh? Or do you have a sour soul and think Winnie the Pooh is stupid? I love Winnie, he is just so cute. But once Roo came into the picture, Roo became one of my close favorites too. My mother enjoys eeyore, poor guy is always so depressed and just needs a hug. I dislike Rabbit though, seriously, such a downer.



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Haley said...

haha your dad's comment cracks me up
You'll get a good pic one day ;)
Good job on your workout!
And that's great that you love your job so much!!
Sometimes I wish I had a job or something to keep me busy, ha!
Winnie the pooh- I love Piglet :)

Anonymous said...

I love your outfit and your huge bowl of Lucky Charms :).

My job... I like what I do (I work in R&D at a software company). I don't always like MY JOB though. We'll leave it at that :).

I'm not such a huge Winnie the Pooh fan (it got really popular right as I was outgrowing Disney as a kid), but I always like Kanga and Roo, haha.


Anonymous said...

YAY YAY YAY you're posting food pics again! I've been reading your blog for months now... and I love every bit of it... but my favorite part about your blog was all your foodie pics! keep 'em coming! Im a teenage-runner-girl, too, and I LOVE triscuits and lucky charms and stuff.... sometimes I feel bad reading other bloggers who only eat super duper healthy stuff.... I love reading your blog because you eat more "normally" and we seem to have similar taste buds!!
ps adorable outfit!

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