Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I Like to Run Far

Before work I had a wonderful breakfast of Lightly Frosted Shredded Wheat with some mocha coffee.


Then I packed my lunch for work. Because I have a big girl job that is 9 hours a day. (It doesn’t feel that long which makes it wonderful! I seriously love it and the people I work with! )


After work I get in my car and it says “103” degrees. I check the weather online when I get home and it says “feels like 113” and of course I had 8 miles to run. So I did what any normal person would do, and hit up the rec center.

Of course you have to wear clothes to the gym, or at least I have not seen anyone in just a sports bra.

So I wore my AMAZINGLY NEW AND CUTE tank top from Run Pretty Far that I won in a giveaway from Miss Zippy!



I got to the rec with about an hour until they closed so I hopped on the indoor track and booked it! I probably averaged 7:30-7:45 for my run inside. I ran approximately 6 miles inside.

Then I had to brave the heat when they kicked me out at close time.


I did another 2 miles to make my 8 mile long run. This picture was post run at the rec and outside. I was able to hop right off the indoor track and onto the road with hardly any time in between.

I wasn’t too hungry when I got home but I made a light dinner.


I’m hitting up the grocery store Tuesday or Wednesday to get some more heartier meals hah.

Q: If you had the choice between wearing business casual or scrubs, what would you wear to work? I think I’m going to purchase a pair or two of scrubs if I find some that fit and are decent in price so on days I’d rather not worry about dressing up I can throw on scrubs.

Q: What’s your job like? I mostly do data entry stuff and make phone calls. I am truly thankful it’s a sit down job because with running, the last thing I want to do is be on my feet for 8-9 hours.

Q: Don’t you just love the apparel Run Pretty Far makes?! It is sooo cute! I will tell you it’s probably the most comfortable tank I own and that says a lot. It also looks cute with actual clothes besides running clothes.

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Anonymous said...

That tank top is amazing :). I never run in just a sports bra because I don't have the confidence for that, but if I did I doubt I'd do it inside a gym either.

It's awesome that you have a choice over what to wear to work. Sometimes I like to dress up and look cute, but otherwise scrubs would be cool (I work in computer software, so I can pretty much wear whatever I want except like, shorts and t-shirts). I would say if you're at a job where you're trying to move up, like at an internship, definitely dress up more. When I did my college internship, I dressed up more than the actual workers there, haha. But now that I'm at my current job where I'm comfortable and all, I don't really try too hard :).

And awesome job on the runs too!


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