Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Catch up and Victoria’s Secret Giveaway

Victoria’s Secret Giveaway!!

To catch everyone’s attention first of all I have $10 to giveaway for Victoria’s Secret. I bought 2 swimsuit tops and they came in the mail today and in with them was a gift certificate for “$10 off minimum of $10 purchase”

It isn’t good on clearance purchases though. So if you want to enter the giveaway just leave a comment telling me what you would buy with it!

It expires the 31st of July so let’s choose the winner on Saturday and you have until the end of the day Friday to enter. Sound good?

Now did you miss me this weekend? I went home and had a nice relaxing weekend. I have a lot of reviews ahead so hopefully you don’t get bored!

To start off, Friday morning before work I was making tuna salad for a sandwich to take for lunch and look what happened to me.


This egg was stuck in the carton and I was trying to pull it out and of course cracked it and then it splattered all over me.


Good thing I didn’t like the top I was wearing anyway. It was friday and friday is jeans day Smile


Lunch! I seriously have fallen in love with the Snyder’s Peanut Butter Sandwich Pretzels! I bought them with a coupon and wish they weren’t so expensive because they have become an addiction, not going to lie.

I saw Harry Potter this weekend and pretty much think this one was THE best out of them all. I loved every second of it.



I also went to Walgreens in hopes of getting Sally Hansen Crackle nail polish because I had some coupons to make it a bit better price. However, sitting right next to it was the brand Pure Ice and they came out with crackle nail polish too and instead of 6.99, these were 3.99. So I got it to try out!



Sorry for the picture quality, my phone was the only thing near me at the time.

I did run the past few days, I just didn’t take any pictures.

Thursday and Friday were both 6 miles
Saturday was 6 miles
Sunday was 8 miles
Monday is an off day

I also spent time icing my legs because they have been FATIGUED


And last but not least, I went to Target to get some good deals today after work.


My total was $2.08 and that is awesome.

I used

Start price: V8 2.99 for each

End price: 2 V8 46oz for .99 each

Start price: 0.50 for each

End price: 2 FREE packs of 10ct Bic Crystal pens


Don’t forget to enter the Victoria’s Secret Giveaway!

Q: Do you use coupons? I enjoy saving money and it’s pretty addicting. I look forward to the ads and new coupons online.

Q: Have you ever had an unfortunate morning where things just didn’t go right?

Q: Have you tried crackle nail polish? What’s your favorite brand?


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Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! I love VS secret. I would buy another sports bra because I really need more. HA.

I love painting my nails with the crackle and actually just in general. Seriously I don't feel like a functioning member of society without painted nails.

Miss Erosion said...

Because all of my bra's consist of sports bras... I would buy an actual 'girlie' bra! :D

Watermelonsmiles said...

I would buy either yoga pants or a strapless bra! I can't find the one I have. Sad.

And Harry Potter was the BEST.

Anonymous said...

yum peanut butter pretzels! i love to make these little "castles" for snacks because im so weird... stack a little pretzel on the bottom, a smidge of peanut butter, a little marshmallow fluff, and top with a hershey kiss!

Aly said...

i would buy some new really cute panties! i love their thongs and shirts soo cute! soo much to choose! maybe i will buy a body spray!!! :) i hope i win! thanks for this giveaway!

email: alyssabubbleteax3@gmail(dot)com

Lynn said...

i want to enter this giveaway!
with this i would buy myself a new face bronzer, its summer and i dont even have one! O__O awesome giveaway!


Anonymous said...

Harry Potter was AMAZING! I am forcing my mom to go and see it with me after I take my finals next week!

Coupons are something I cant seem to get the hang of. I seem to bring them with me to the store and then at the checkout find that they are expired or dont apply. I have given up using coupons.

Anonymous said...

I would probally buy some nice scented mist or lotion they have new out from the Secret fantasies collection.

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