Friday, July 15, 2011

Zucchini and Squash Pasta and Running Award!

Well first off, I want to say thank you to Healthcare Colleges for giving me this wonderful award! My blog was rated in the top 100 best running blogs hah, who would’ve thought. If you are looking for some running blogs, then definitely check out the blog post they put up with the list of all the blogs awarded.

Also, I want to say thank you to Sistema for sending me plastic storage containers for my food!! I really love the look of these containers and the fact they have snap handles and sit really nicely on each other. If you continue reading this post you will see them used! (I LOVE them by the way!!)



Well of course I had to cook something to fill these containers up. Smile 

My mom sent me one of my favorite recipes we make at home. And thanks to this recipe card maker I experimented with recipe cards. I will have to get some card stock to make them more durable. (If you go and make these cards, just know that the image it shows you is not how it will print out. It shows things cut off but they show up when you print)


I had a bit of a detour in my cooking when this happened.


Yes, thank you cheap olive oil from the dollar tree. I can totally open this when the pull tab rips in half. I resorted to a knife to pop it open. Send me some REAL olive oil please where the bottle doesn’t break on me.


Now onto the cooking portion!!


Take note of the olive oil’s new container next to the napkins.

I cut up some onions (way too much) and some squash and zucchini


Poor in the wonderful tomatoes with the sauce


Mix in the spaghetti!


BOOM, a delicious dinner.


And my wonderful new containers that are holding my next few meals!

I also made a bracelet for a real lovely person that ordered 2 bracelets from me. Smile I hope she likes it. I have to make her another one but I have to run to the store and get some orange string!


What a long blog post!! I hope you enjoyed this recipe and I will bring you some wonderful running later I’m sure! Smile 


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Anonymous said...

Congrats girl. That pasta looks like the first of all. Second that bracelet is gorgeous, I always wanted one like that but don't have the skills to make it lolz.

Anonymous said...

yummy yum yum in my tum! (I love being 'anonymous' because I can act like my dorky inner-self) Spaghetti rocks. You should try cutting up some sausages and throwing them in the mix. My favorite way to eat spaghetti is with chunky sauce and chunks of sausage. At virtually every grocery store, there are lots of premade, precooked yummy sausages in the refrigerated section!

Cheerleader said...

Sounds delicious. I never thought of putting raw zucchini in the sauce! I'll have to experiment.

FYI: use "olive oil" when cooking. .. all the "fabulous" properties of extra virgin olive oil are ruined in the sauteing process. . . if you want to add olive oil for the good benefits at the end of sauce making, just add a tablespoon or so and pour in :-)

Extra virgin olive oil has been hyped so much that it's all one pretty much can find, but it's not suppose to be used at high heats. I've read this over the years and just watched it again on America's Test Kitchen on PBS.

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