Friday, June 17, 2011

Time for Speed


running copy

5 Miles in 37:45 [7:33 per mile]

2:16 (.3)

speed development: 4 x ins&outs: 50m ascending, 50m at 90%, 50m at descending

5:30 (.7)

I had a 5 mile run today but it was also the first day we start speed development. Which basically with about 10-15 minutes left of your run you do speed work and then finish your run after.

So I decided to wear my racing flats picture above and ended up owning my first part of my run. Then I hit up the track for my ins & outs and then did recovery.

Thoughts on the run

  1. These shoes feel great
  2. It’s not too bad outside. The weather is kind of nice.
  3. This is my first time ever wearing two sports bras, how funny.
  4. Holy cow that reeks. I can’t wait for the day this raccoon goes away.
  5. Looks like it might storm.
  6. Sprinkler!!
  7. Time to head to the track
  8. OH I hope the water fountain is on.
  9. These ins & outs are fun
  10. Guess I should take off my ipod since that thunderstorm is coming my way.
  11. Rain would feel good.
  12. Time to get another drink and finish up
  13. YAY another sprinkler!!
  14. Hi whoever is waving to me!
  15. Dang my mileage is off, I have to keep running. Bye house, see you shortly.
  16. Good timing. It’s getting ready to pour.


I probably won’t be blogging tomorrow. If all goes well I am heading to Cape unless this weather doesn’t get better. Sad smile

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Q: Do you like speed training?

Q: What’s your favorite workout?

Q: Do you like running in the rain?


2 footprints:

Renee said...

i LOVE speed training. i could do 400's all day.
20x400 or 8 x 1500 those are my favorite workouts
running in the rain is heavenly and refreshing.


love your shoes.

Anonymous said...

I hate speed training actually. I really need to work on loving it and maybe I would get faster. Who knows. HA. I love the bright yellow girl.

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