Friday, June 10, 2011

Let’s Run Errands


I really like to match, can you tell. Stripes and polka dots totally go together, right?

5 Miles in 40:19 [8:03 per mile]


Thoughts on the Run

  1. Hopefully these Redbox movies don’t fly out of my hands.
  2. Since my hands are sweaty and all…
  3. Oh my gosh, someone please clean up the dead possum on the side of the road. It really smells now.
  4. How wonderful it is to stop and return these movies. A break in my run!
  5. Oh hey look the owners of the dogs are out. No one is using the pool though. Like usual.
  6. I wonder what they would do if I hopped the fence one day and jumped in?
  7. My shins are a bit sore today again..sad.
  8. Come on legs, pick it up. You are feeling like 500 lbs of weight right now.
  9. Okay fine, you win. We will just go nice and easy.
  10. It is extremely humid today. Very very sweaty.


Great news. Today is my last day of accounting!! WAHOO!!! Also I am going back to Cape on Saturday because it’s time to get our apartment! Triple wahoo! Open-mouthed smile 

Q: Have you ever “run” errands, literally? I’ve only taken back redbox movies.

Q: Do you listen to your body when running? I always do. Especially in the off season of summer. No point to risk anything! If I’m feeling slow, then I’ll go slow!



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Anonymous said...

I've run errands by turning in my homework about 5 seconds before its due before. Maybe I should return my red box movies this way because it's been about a week bahaha.

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