Thursday, May 26, 2011

Squeeze in a Run


This picture was actually taken in the morning. I was all dressed and ready to run. Then I go to the front door and it starts pouring down rain then thundering/lightning. So I couldn’t run before lunch.

Then I go home after lunch and we are under tornado watches and then the sirens go off. By the time the weather got better it was 7oclock and I said “accounting, you will have to wait. I’m going running!”

haha and I hurried so I could get back before it got dark.

5 Miles in 42:26 [8:29 per mile]


Thoughts on the run

  1. My goodness the weather is perfect for running!
  2. My ankle kind of hurts a bit, maybe I need to adjust my lacing.
  3. My breathing is doing great!
  4. Okay it’s really humid now and I am on fire.
  5. Oh wonderful, thanks dude for splashing me by going fast with your huge truck into that big puddle.
  6. It was actually refreshing!
  7. They really need to cut this grass. I bet I look funny to those in their car driving by. With this grass up to my waist it probably looks like I don’t have the bottom half of my body.
  8. What is this car doing pulled over. Sketchhhyyyyy
  9. Aw I haven’t come this way in awhile.
  10. I actually wouldn’t mind if it started raining on me. In fact I would prefer that.
  11. Oh hey lady who also is running. We must have the same idea to cram in our run now.
  12. Whoa I just stepped in a major puddle.

The big thought of the run: don’t throw up.

HAH, I had eaten dinner not too long before this run and I had milk with my dinner. So I decided to just take it nice and easy to avoid throwing up or getting a major cramp.


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