Friday, May 27, 2011

I’m a Runner and that Makes Me Gross


As I was getting ready to run, Graham was checking me out saying, “dang those are some nice spandex”


Except he was a bit tired or maybe sad because I had to crate him while I ran.

4 Miles in 32:11 [8:02 per mile]


Thoughts on the run

  1. Dang my ankle is tight and my knee.
  2. This better work itself out.
  3. Please dude, don’t think I limp like this when I run.
  4. Okay it is really hot, I overdressed. It feels warmer than 53 degrees.
  5. Are you serious, all of you cars have to come right now. I cannot cross now.
  6. Wonderful, I’m stuck waiting for the next light change.
  7. Alright now we’re cookin’!
  8. I wonder why this house has part of their fence gone?
  9. They still haven’t  cut this grass down.
  10. Oh my gosh there’s something wrong with my toe.
  11. Oh my goshhhhhhhh I’m bleeding!!!
  12. My toenail is split in half. Wow this is a first.
  13. So I should run home on this? Of course.
  14. Oh it doesn’t hurt too much anymore.
  15. Did my toenail fall off? What is moving in my shoe?
  16. Alright I’m going to pick the pace up to get back.
  17. Time to check it out!!

Please feel free to exit this post now if you don’t want to see some gross pictures including feet. Kay!

Here are some gross things about me and being a runner haha


The blood on the inside of my sock. Not too awful.


I blurred out my toes because well they are gross and chipped nail polish etc. But here is my wonderful toe injury haha.


Then here is a healing blister that I had. If only I took a picture of it from the beginning. You would throw up.


And here’s the wonderful rash I get on my stomach and legs after I finish running. It usually itches too. I think it’s heat rash? No clue. But it goes away shortly after.

After all of that, I bet you are just like Graham


“Dang girl, you so fine. Lip lickin’ good.” HAHA

Q: What gross things are you not afraid to admit about yourself?

Q: Have you lost a toenail? I always hear runners talking about black toenails and losing them but have never had anything bad happen like that before.


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