Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Oh Hey, Check Out My New Shoes!!!


This is my “look I got new shoes and I’m wearing an extremely awesome outfit” pose. Disregard my arms, I think I was just trying to stay balanced. It’s a very tricky stance and you would hold your arms up too if you were me. Maybe I’m just so excited and I’m cheering? Who knows.

Anyway, here’s a better view of my brand new Nike Zoom Structure Triax +14


They are gorgeous and much more better looking than the +13’s. Plus it’s nice not to feel like you are running barefoot on the concrete anymore! I feel an arch support and a nice heel in these shoes. Hopefully that feeling lasts the rest of the summer.

I also changed the laces in these shoes because I got some RoadID  FireFly reflective laces and they look so legit on these shoes since they have grey on them and so do my shoes.


Onto the run

4 Miles in 32:10 [8:02 per mile]


Don’t think I’m so cool with that first mile. Garmin lapped the mile too early today.

Thoughts on the run

  1. Wow it’s actually not too hot out!
  2. I like the breeze, it’s not too strong but cool.
  3. These shoes feel great!!! It’s like I’m a new woman!
  4. Nothing can stop me today, I have great music and great weather.
  5. Okay now it’s getting a bit warmer out.
  6. Good thing I have to stop at this intersection and there’s some shade. I’ll stretch real quick while I wait.
  7. Now we’re moving!
  8. This is probably the best I have felt so far this summer.
  9. Who just honked at me!! Lame.
  10. So glad I got my full 4 miles in and felt in shape.
  11. I’m going to have some nice cold chocolate milk when I get home. YES SIR!

That’s exactly what I did too.


Q: What’s your favorite post workout recovery? I love chocolate milk and it has the best carb-protein ratio for recovery!

Q: How many miles do you put on your shoes before getting new ones? I can’t put more than 300 on mine. My legs start to cry if I run even a few miles over.


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