Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I Like My Hunchback, Whaddya Think?

I had a gorgeous day for my run. It was a nice 53 degrees. I put my garmin on and my ipod in and was ready!!


If that doesn’t look like someone who is ready to run, then I don’t know what does. I promise I don’t have a hunchback/broad shoulders or whatever is going on in this picture. I also failed to notice manual focus was on, thus a blurry picture. But if you want to believe I look like this, then go ahead! Be my guest Smile

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3 easy miles ---- 7:54, 8:13, 8:04


  1. It’s a bit cold out here. I wish garmin would hurry up and find a satellite.
  2. Oh man, I feel so fresh, 7:20 pace? That can’t be right.
  3. What if I got really fast over my 3 weeks off. Like the running gods blessed me with ridiculous speed in my sleep.
  4. Ah 7:50’s that’s more like it. Dang, that’s unfortunate.
  5. I love this song!!!

  1. Sidewalk closed? Not to me it’s not.
  2. Oh haiii lady, why you be runnin’ in that big jacket and capris? Aw she’s so nice for smiling and saying hi.
  3. Time to turn around. I wonder if I can catch that lady.
  4. Oh hi again, just going to pass you if you don’t mind.
  5. My lungs hurt a bit. This must be what out of shape feels like.
  6. Hills? REALLY?
  7. Please golfers don’t hit me. Please don’t hit me.
  8. Done! Home safe!
  9. Runners cough. I need to hydrate more.

Then later in the day I went on another run. My friend Lisa wanted to go for a nice relaxing mile run. So of course I wanted to join her!!

I ran .55 to her house then we ran a mile and then I ran .45 back to my house and walked the rest. ha so 2 more miles for the day.

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So you know how it’s summer and all?

Class is not over for me!!


I love school so much I enrolled in a pre summer session of Accounting. So a whole semester of accounting crammed into 4 weeks. Oh did I mention it’s all online? Yes I am awesome.

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Hi to all my new readers!! Emma was so kind to include me in her featured athlete. I know, I’m cool. Smile But she’s cooler. So anyway, I’m glad you are all joining me!


Q: What song gets you pumped for running?

Q: Are you crazy like me and taking summer classes or learning anything this summer?

Q: Am I the only one who likes to try and catch other people out running and pass them?


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