Friday, April 8, 2011

Ugh, I’m Such a Stranger

Well hello all.

I have a good explanation for why I’ve disappeared from the blog world.

My dang foot!!!

Let me get you up to speed

March 24th: We did the 8 x 150 striders. Foot pain started.

Felt: Tender and much like a bruise on the ball of my foot.

March 26th: Race went well, cool down it started hurting again.

Felt: More painful than before but still like a bruise.

March 27th: Long run, almost unbearable to run.

Felt: Like every step I took I was stepping on a sharp rock.

Then from that point on it progressively got worse and worse. I couldn’t walk barefoot without feeling a burning and sharp pain sensation in my foot between my 3rd and 4th metatarsals.

We believe it is a neuroma.

April 5th: I see the doctor. Of course I hate the majority of doctors because much like this guy, they see you for about 5 minutes after you wait over 60. Wonderful. I had to miss my class because of it.

He says “it sounds to me like a neuroma. We normally inject cortisone into that area to help the inflammation go down or you can have an mri done. Be right back”

The nurse comes in with bottles and a needle and as she was putting things together I ask “is that cortisone?” She says “yes why?” and I say “I do not want that in my foot. I was also told to not have it injected.”

Then she kind of gives me attitude saying “well where is your coach, or your trainer?” and I said “they aren’t here obviously, but I do not want a cortisone injection”

So she leaves in a hissy fit and talks to the doctor and he comes in irritated saying that that is what he normally does but if I don’t want it then he can get me an MRI.

Well of course I want an MRI! I need to know if it is for sure a neuroma before you inject me with cortisone.

So next day

Alex takes me with him to his chiropractor appointment. He sees him like weekly. A very nice man and works with us athletes for free. He told Alex to bring me on by and he wanted to take a look. He feels it isn’t a neuroma and did some adjusting to my foot, an ultrasound on it and laser therapy. He said he wants to see a copy of my MRI when I get it done though.

Needless to say, this foot has been causing me stress and a pain in the rear. Literally.

Because I can’t run on some days because the pain is too bad (it varies, some days it feels fine, others it doesn’t) that I have to cross train on the spin bike.

I have had to do 2, 63 minute rides on the spin bike to be equivalent to my 7 mile midweeks and then yesterday I couldn’t do our 12 x 200m workout so I had to simulate it on the bike.


Well my MRI is scheduled for Monday at 7:45pm (yes I know that is really late and almost my bed time) and I hope they can figure out and fix what is wrong with my foot.

I’m getting nervous because conference is less than a month away and I have a 10k to race and do well in!

Which brings me to another point. I didn’t get to travel this weekend to race at Mizzou, which I was really looking forward to racing another 3k to redeem myself. Sad smile 

I hate injuries!!


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