Sunday, April 10, 2011

Injury and Depression

Have you ever experienced depression when being sidelined with an injury?

Well, welcome to my life. I’ve been finding it extremely hard to stay positive and put a smile on my face.

With every failed attempt to run and every workout resulting to the spin bike makes it worse.

I must say though that there has been one person who has really helped me through and try to stay positive and it’s this girl:


This is Jessica, my bestest friend/teammate here at SEMO and she is my constant reminder to stay positive through this whole situation.

Why I love her:

  1. She never gets tired hearing me vent about my foot
  2. She understands and knows how it feels to be injured for long periods of time
  3. She doesn’t get upset that I can’t run as fast as her when we do our runs together and my foot hurts.
  4. She’s even nice enough to run back to me and also make sure I don’t get attacked by creepy men as she runs ahead.

What helps me through:

  1. Her constant reminders to stay positive
  2. I thrive off of her good training and accomplishments with every race she runs
  3. She’s an inspiration with her kind soul and fast times
  4. The fact I still have two more years of running
  5. That this could be something little that can be fixed quickly
  6. I’ve gotten through relearning how to walk and use my legs, I can get through this.

What worries me:

  1. That I will lose fitness throughout these few weeks of not being able to run
  2. That it will be something major that will end my season
  3. That I won’t be able to run the 10k at conference
  4. That I will be slow if I do

Q: What do you worry about when you are injured?

Q: Do you suffer injury depression?


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