Sunday, March 27, 2011

Recap From the Week

School and running have consumed my life. Therefore blogging has been put on the back burner Sad smile

I will do a short recap of my running for the week for those who it interests.


Morning slog: 2 Miles in 17:57 [8:58 per mile]

Afternoon easy run: 3 Miles in 25:35 [8:31 per mile]

Weight lifting


Hard workout: 24 x 400m with equal rest


1 mile warm up, .5 mile cool down

Afternoon: core and smoothie king


Morning slog: 2 Miles in 18:47 [9:23 per mile]

Mid week long run turned into a regular run: 5 Miles in 42:57 [8:35 per mile]

Weight lifting after


Morning slog: 2 Miles in 18:40 [9:20 per mile]

Regular Run turned to Mid week long run: 6 Miles in 48:59 [8:09 per mile]

8 x 150’s after: at around 26ish-28ish pace


Morning run before leaving for Nashville: 5.5 Miles in 45:49 [8:19 per mile]

Slog when we got to Nashville: 2 Miles in 18:12 [9:06 per mile]



warm up: 1 mile

cool down: 2.5 miles

RACE = 3K = 1.86 miles

I’m going to keep you in suspense of the race because I’m going to recap it later once I get pictures.


Today’s run will be about a really easy 8 miler

So mileage for the week looks like this: 49.1 with slogs

Without slogs: 41.1 miles




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