Saturday, March 19, 2011

Hill Workout = Success

Here are my steps to getting out the door. But first the cons I had to doing the workout.


  1. It was raining outside
  2. I had 25-30 minutes of hills instead of a nice 20 minutes.
  3. My calf muscles have been extremely tight lately.
  4. I haven’t had that great of training this week.
  5. It was 48 degrees and yesterday it was 83.
  6. I HATE HILLS (you should know that by now)


Keys for motivation

Talk to team members about how much you hate hills and don’t want to do them.

  • Hope they motivate you by saying “aww it won’t be too bad”

When that doesn’t work, make a new playlist with new songs and good oldies

  • Playlist:
    Like a G6 – The Cata
    Buzzin’ – Mann
    Angel – Akon
    All of the Lights – Kanye West
    All I Do is Win – DJ Khaled
    Yeah 3x – Chris Brown
    Tonight – Enrique Iglesias
    E.T – Katy Perry
    S&M – Rihanna
    We R Who We R – Ke$ha
    Blow – Ke$ha
    Bite to Break Skin – Senses Fail
    Walk on Water or Drown – Mayday Parade

If that still doesn’t work then text your coach for motivation

  • Sam “I need motivation to run this hill workout. It is cold windy and raining Sad smile and my calves need a good rub out hah.”

    Coach “ You should do it because it will make you better, wind and rain are things you will see at track meets so you have to practice in that as well. If you want to reach your goals you have to do the work. And I am air massaging your calves as we speak.”

That worked and I put my garmin on, my ipod in and the dog away and I was out of the door.

Thoughts to get you through the workout:

  1. Thank mother nature for stopping the rain and actually making it great conditions to run in
  2. Thanking that it got a bit too hot so you get a break from the workout to remove your long sleeve and tie it around a stop sign
  3. Figure out what form makes you run faster up hills(arms lower, digging deep with elbows and pretending they are the ones pushing against the wind moving you)
  4. Make a goal to break on the hill repeats (break 1 min for the .15 hill)
  5. Think about the elites and how even your fastest hill rep doesn’t come near to their pace for a full marathon. (Oh wait, that’s not motivating) PRETEND you are Kara Goucher! (much better)
  6. Think about how you only have a few more hills left and then you get a nice relaxing cool down
  7. Actually take a nice relaxing cool down, don’t even look at pace. You deserve recovery!
  8. Treat yourself with a yummy yogurt  with candy pieces and a powerade. But not together because that is gross.

I also thought of my competitors and the 10k from conference last year and what I needed to run in order to score points.


(yes I know it’s blurred. I wrote some personal things there)

I pasted the conference times in my running journal. I actually have a ton of pages done that don’t have writing on them yet that I’m going to share throughout the blog in the next few weeks! I think it will motivate some!

Breakdown of the workout

1.75 warm-up

1:11 up (7:53 pace)
1:23 down
1:10 (7:47)
1:07 (7:27)
1:05 (7:13)
1:04 (7:07)
1:05 (7:13)
1:02 (6:53)
1:03 (7:00)
1:01 (6:47)
0:58 (6:27)

1.75 cool down

total daily mileage – 6.5 miles


Pro’s to nice weather/sunny weather: Tan lines = COLOR!! YAY!


Q: What motivates you?

Q: What music do you enjoy while working out?


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