Monday, March 28, 2011

It Was a Sad Day Yesterday

First of all, Kansas lost. Sad smile

Oh well, you can’t win them all. I just hope the Morris Twins, also my buds, stay next year. Otherwise I will cry.


The second sad thing that happened was my long run. It went from 8 miles to 7 very painful miles.

Resulting in this:


On Thursday we did 8 x 150m sprints and I’m guessing I bruised the bottom of my foot. It has got increasingly worse when it comes to pain and yesterday during my run I just wanted to stop after two miles.

So I got some padding to put in my shoe for the spot. It helps, but doesn’t make the pain go away. Let’s say the pain is now at a 3 when casually walking, a 5 when walking fast/putting lots of force on the ground and a 7-8 with no padding at all.

So it helps and makes things a bit better for me. I will find out tomorrow if it helps during running since I have 2 x 3 mile tempo’s tomorrow.

Here’s the stats from my run anyway

7 Miles in 58:11 [8:18 per mile]


Now onto some hopeful news.

I am running my first 5k on the track ever, this weekend. Ready for the goal?
Break 20 minutes!

I’ve made a plan to just stay as close to 95-96 seconds for each 400m and run between a 19:45-19:59. Should be interesting!! I just hope my foot gets better by then because this weekend it was all I could think about during my race.

Q: What frustrates you? Injuries frustrate me. Especially when I am in great shape!

Q: What team were you cheering for in the tournament? Kansas, of course!


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