Monday, March 7, 2011

Get the Motivation

Saturday Run

Morning slog – 15 minutes ~ 1.7 miles-ish

Afternoon run - 3 Miles in 24:14 [8:04 per mile]


I can’t even remember my thoughts on this run haha!


Sunday Run

Long run - 7 Miles in 54:24 [7:46 per mile]


Thoughts on run:

  1. Can’t wait to have smoothie king after this!
  2. Man we are going really fast and it feels comfortable.
  3. Alright let’s slow down so we don’t die on the way back.
  4. I now understand why we were going fast, the wind was pushing us.
  5. Oh my gosh my achilles and knee hurt.
  6. Now my quads.
  7. This wind will be the death of me.
  9. I can do this!!
  10. Aww roller blading sounds fun.
  11. Thank goodness we are done!!

Then of course we went and got smoothie king. I ordered a medium, YES a MEDIUM Grape Expectations II. It was delicious. Then we had team bonding where we learned a dance.

I also did Core I set.


Monday Run

slog jog in the morning – 2 miles in 19 minutes

Drill set (consists of things like butt kicks, a skip, b skip, a bound, b bound, c bound etc. Except the proper way to do them all, not the way we were all taught in high school)

Weight set I

Running Excitement

Now that it’s OUTDOOR track season, I need to get pumped and get my competitive edge on! So I made an inspirational journal to help get me ready for the season!!


This is a journal a friend gave to me a long time ago. It’s made out of an old record sleeve.

Some of the pages so far.


Yes, I blocked out what I wrote. Nosey. hah



Other Excitement

Have you heard?!

Joss & Main

It’s part of CSN. Basically like your ruelala but for other things than just clothes!

Joss and Main have sigg water bottles for ridiculous good pricing right now. Talk about 12 dollars! And then some fabulous cookware and appliances

I mean look at these mixing bowls!

You definitely should check it out!

Well hope everyone is doing great!!!

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