Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Get This Girl a Job

First, I am writing to ask if anyone out there is looking for a wonderful person, such as myself for a summer job or internship. Smile I’ve got amazing skills, am a very dedicated and hard worker, and would love to hear of opportunities I might be missing out on!

Especially if it’s related to dietetics, nutrition, running, sports, or anything else, just contact me!

snthierry at gmail dot com

Alright…moving on.

Today’s workout went great!! Well it was off to a rocky start and then went great! The first three were trying to figure out what pace I could actually run at.

6 x 1000m with 600m recovery jog between (goal time = around 4:15)

warmup: 1 mile

1000m splits

  • 4:07 (6:37/mi)
  • 4:25 (7:06/mi – this was a slog and a misunderstanding between coach and I. slog = slow jog)
  • 4:18 (6:55/mi)
  • 4:10 (6:42/mi)
  • 4:10(6:42/mi)
  • 4:04 (6:33/mi)

cool down: .5 mile

total mileage for the day: 7.5 miles

If I can hold the 4:10 rhythm which most likely I can, hopefully lol, that will equal a 41:30 10k. How exciting!! My goal is to break 42 for the 10k and to break 20 for the 5k.

Then Core I and II


NOW it’s off to study for Organic Chemistry and Jazz Appreciation and do Nutrition Assessment homework. What joy! Open-mouthed smile 


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