Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sunday = Long Run

Since we weren’t sure if I would be needed for conference I continued to train after the race on Friday.

Therefore Sunday I did a nice 7 miler with my teammate Jessica. I guess if you want to be technical it was 6.9 miles.

6.9 Miles in 56:21 [8:10 per mile]


7:14 (.9)

Thoughts on the run:

  1. It’s a bit chillier out today.
  2. I hope I don’t get too cold on the run.
  3. Oh, I’m glad I didn’t put on more clothes, it is hot!
  4. Awww what a cute dog!! AHHH don’t attack us please!!
  5. Man these cars are going really fast past us.
  6. I wish I could blow snot rockets.
  7. I won’t look, I promise
  8. Man my legs are tight today
  9. Yes, on the way back finally!
  10. Okay going back sucks, the wind is definitely against us.
  11. This hill is awful against the wind.
  12. Are we done yet?
  13. Man I have to use the bathroom.
  14. Bye Jessica!!!!

Yes a very eventful run it was.

However, my blog posts just won’t be so fun because I am not needed anymore for conference so I have three days off from running. Lucky for you this will be day two by the time you read this and I have the last and final guest blog post from my mother.

Therefore we will all get through this 3 day break from the beloved running.


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