Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Running History: Guest Post Part 4

This is Part Four in a four-part series about Sam (me)called, My Daughter, The Runner, written by Sam’s mom. I hope you enjoyed this guest blog.


Part Four

Now Sam has proven her mother wrong and walked on to the SEMO Cross Country team and has completed her first season as a collegiate cross country runner and she enjoys running, albeit with some pain on occasion, but at least she doesn’t suffer every time she runs. I am so proud of her commitment to fitness and now to nutrition as she studies dietetics at SEMO.


Her greatest wish is to work with sports nutrition and help manage athletes and put together personalized dietary eating plans for them during training and during downtime. She would love to work at one of the U. S. Olympic training facilities, but I’m thinking that she wouldn’t turn down a job with one of the professional cycling teams. Hear that HTC High Road and Team Radio Shack?


Mark Cavendish is so dreamy SmileI hope you all have enjoyed my mom’s guest posts! This concludes her series “My Daughter, The Runner”


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