Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Some days just have to be easy

Yeah so yesterday was going to be my midweek run of 6 miles, but I resorted to half that.


Because it was so windy that my face was burning the entire run. Coach also said “take today easy, real easy” and to me that means “3 miles and 9 minute pace” hah okay not exactly. But close.

Yesterday was supposed to be really easy because today is my mile time trial. This is not just a time trial to see how fast we can run a mile. This is a time trial to see if we will be un-red shirting for indoor. Meaning, running the distance medley relay at Conference in a little over two weeks.

Yes, big deal.

So yesterday’s run went like this:

3.00 miles in 25:36 @ 8:32 pace


  • 8:37
  • 8:41
  • 8:17

It was painful to run because of the wind. My neck and face have never hurt so much.

My original 6 miler changed to a 4 and then a 3 instantly as we set out on our journey. Don’t fret, my midweek will be Thursday now and I will makeup the lost mileage by adding on to today’s cool down after our workout.

So enjoy your day today and wish me good luck as I attempt to break my 6:08(I think) PR for the mile.


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