Saturday, February 26, 2011

Mind vs Legs

I’m back to running! I got to start running again on Thursday! I get 30 minutes everyday until Monday. Then regular training begins again.

Thursday’s run

30 minutes – 3.8 miles @ 7:53 pace


20 minutes on treadmill


  1. Wow it’s only been 8 minutes.
  2. I’m going to run the rest downhill, incline –2 works.
  3. Why is every TV C-Span? Who wants to watch that?
  4. Look at all the frat boys lifting, too funny. They should work out their legs more.
  5. Why is it so hot now?
  6. Someone stole my fan!!
  7. Are you serious? (Some girl stole my fan and turned it in her direction while she WALKS on the treadmill. She could’ve used the one next to me and we could’ve shared the fan!)
  8. Ugh this is too hot.
  9. I’m going to go try the other treadmill.

2 minutes on the Woodway Curve treadmill



  1. How do I go faster?
  2. Ohh step on the hill part.
  3. This is hard work. I cannot get over 6.3 mph but yet I’m dying.
  4. Is this like running uphill? This sucks.
  5. I don’t like this, time to get off.

Yeah I obviously like the idea of this treadmill and it being self powered but I don’t like how it feels like you are running uphill the whole time.

8 minutes on indoor track


  1. I must be going really fast, I am almost catching the guys.
  2. Probably too fast, let’s slow down… a lot.
  3. My legs feel like jelly after those treadmills.
  4. I’m almost done!

Friday’s Run

29:47 min - 3.73 miles @ 7:59 pace



  1. This wind sucks.
  2. My legs hurt today. Must’ve been from the treadmills.
  3. I feel like I’m running 9 minute pace.
  4. Oh I’m definitely not, that’s odd.
  5. My lungs feel great, this isn’t even taxing (7:40 pace)
  6. If only my legs would join!!
  7. Ouch my leg hurts, time to slow down.
  8. It’s good to be done.


Definitely had a case of mind/lungs vs legs. My aerobic system felt great and wanted to run fast but my legs were not agreeing. I did what was best and listened to my body, mainly my legs and took it easy.


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