Sunday, February 27, 2011

I joined the club


The “I can peel an orange in one piece” club.


I also had a very beastly run yesterday.

30:18 – 4 miles @ 7:34 pace


Thoughts on the run:

  1. I feel great today!
  2. Ugh, I overdressed. This top is too hot.
  3. What are those people doing in the field?
  4. AWWW DEER!!!!
  5. Hi deer! How are you? Aww you’re so pretty!
  6. Bye deer, I have to run again!!
  7. Time to turn around
  8. Aww the deer are gone Sad smile
  9. The wind is definitely against me this direction.

I felt a lot like Janae today and her pink shirt she loves to wear.


What a great run! I absolutely cannot wait to start regular training again.

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