Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas Presents!

There are a few things that aren’t pictured, such as my new favorite Kansas Hoodie, but I’m sure you’ll see that sometime this week since I am going to my first Kansas Basketball Game on Wednesday! ROCK CHALK!!


Well, you pretty much can’t tell from this picture, but this is my new hair color. I’ll get a better picture, I promise. It’s a lot more red than this portrays, but you can really see it in the sun and this was not a sunny day. But The “run” on my necklace is one of my Christmas presents!


My mom got the necklace, this shirt, mouse pad and magnet for me in Chicago.


I got running books:

Racing Weight by Matt Fitzgerald
Running Hot by Lisa Tamati
Born to Run by Christopher McDougall
Running Through the Wall by Neal Jamison

As you can see, I am really into Ultra Marathons. Like I have said before, I got my surgery done so I would be able to run Ultra’s in my future. I’m really excited to read Lisa Tamati’s book because I’ve read mainly books of men Ultra Marathoners like Dean Karnazes and Bart Yasso. But I did read Pam Reed’s book The Extra Mile which was motivational. It’s always nice to read about women runners as well. Which makes me extremely excited about Kara Goucher’s book coming out!

If you didn’t know, Kara Goucher wrote a book called “Kara Goucher’s Running For Women: From First Steps to Marathons” that is coming out April 5th of 2011. I find Kara really inspirational so I look forward to this book.


I just had to have Twinkie Chan’s book when I saw the cool scarves. But mainly because the intro of the book is really good at explaining crochet and the different stitches. Then I got this Friendship Bracelet book that came with some string as well. That’s always nice not to have to buy.


I added these to my Christmas list last minute. The new structures came out so the old model which I run in currently was marked down to $58 at running warehouse and then I got another 15% off so I told my dad to order them up for Christmas if he needed another gift to get me. Since I’m redshirting indoor I don’t get shoes for indoor season. I run in Nike Structure Triax.


This was probably my favorite Christmas present which was actually wrapped and put in my stocking, so it was the first thing I got to open. The Fitbit I have wanted since it first came out, but it was backordered for the longest time. I first saw it from other bloggers that came from a conference (can’t remember which one) and they were all given these. It tracks your steps, distance, calories burned and sleep. Yes, sleep. That was what intrigued me most.


I love being able to see how many times I wake up through the night and how much actual sleep I get versus time spent laying in bed. I also like seeing how many calories I burn just walking around and along with my running, because sometimes I feel I don’t eat enough and burn too many calories than intake. That worries me.


Tom’s Shoes!! These are actual Youth size 4. I’m actually really glad I got the Youth size. I went and tried on some women’s size 6 at Splash and on the website it says how they are supposed to be really tight and that you will stretch them out, but these were insanely tight and uncomfortable mainly because they were so narrow. I tried the 6.5 women’s and still the same thing. The thing about the Youth size is that I still have some room at the front of the shoe and on the sides, so they are incredibly comfortable. The downfall about the Youth size: hardly any designs for youth sizes. Hopefully they add more to the collection so I can get more Toms.


My first Vera Bradley!! I absolutely love Vera Bradley and get jealous of girls that have tons of bags and wallets etc. Hopefully this collection will grow too.


Kansas tissues, I also got Kansas mints, two Kansas cups and like I said a Kansas Hoodie.


Then I got this cup for on the go to put smoothies in Smile 

That was the majority of my presents. I got some small stocking stuffers, gift cards and money that are un-pictured. 

One gift that is still in the process is from my Grandpa, which will probably mean the most. He is crocheting me a blanket. It is red and is going to say “Southeast Missouri State” then have a girl running (hopefully, he is having trouble drawing her out to what he thinks will look good) and then underneath it will say “Track Team,” so I’m pretty excited to see it when it’s done. It might be awhile though, but it’s worth the wait!

I would say it was a very successful Christmas.

Q: What was your favorite present?


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