Tuesday, January 18, 2011

And so it begins

Well school began today. My classes included:

  • Jazz Appreciation
  • US Political Systems
  • Nutrition Assessment

Good things that happened today:

  • Our 3x800m workout got postponed to tomorrow
  • My best friend is coming to SEMO next year!!
  • I got 98% of my internship application done with

Not so awesome things that happened:

  • My tuesday/thursday class schedule is kind of boring
  • They took away the ice cream machine at our school. (I hope it comes back)
  • Couldn’t go to the Girl Talk show tonight

Oh and one awesome thing that happened over the weekend!

  1. We beat the hard level in mine sweeper on the kindle. It took us a long time though, but we took a few breaks.


yesterday’s running

First official day back with the team!! Absolutely loved running with them.

4 Miles in 32:57 [8:14 per mile]


Things talked about:

  1. How little girls sports bras are not the same fit as really small women’s.
  2. All Tom’s Shoes are adorable and we wish we could buy them all
  3. Hills suck
  4. Calves are sore and tight. But at least they look good.
  5. That spitting rain is awful and questioned why we run again.



  • Orange Juice
  • Orange
  • Chocolate milk
  • whole wheat bread with eggs, bacon and tots




  • Tuna sandwich with cheese
  • Turkey sandwich with cheese
  • Spinach leaves, cottage cheese, almond slices and ham chunks
  • Powerade

today’s running

It was our trainer Katie’s Birthday today!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATIE IF YOU ARE READING! Open-mouthed smile 

Was supposed to do our 3x800m workout but the track was overcrowded.

Warmed up on the treadmills for it, 1 mile in 10 minutes.

But when we found out our workout was rescheduled we had to run outside or the treadmills. That choice was easy, outside.

First 1.2 miles with the girls the rest on my own


So all together: 5.1 Miles in 43:56 [8:36 per mile]

Things talked about:

  • Glad we got to postpone the workout. Definitely not feeling good today, no one was.
  • Hills still suck
  • It was really windy outside

Things I thought about:

  • Man people like to drive really close next to me on the road.
  • UGH I just stepped in mud with my still white, almost brand new shoes.
  • I wish there were deer out
  • Where’d the horse go?
  • My knee feels odd



  • Tuna sandwich again
  • Carved Turkey
  • Lettuce, tomatoes, ham chunks, cottage cheese
  • Chocolate milk
  • un-pictured bowl of honey nut cheerios


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