Sunday, January 23, 2011

6 things Sunday

New series to promote 6 things I liked/didn’t like about the week.

1. Dislike: Indoor Track


The indoor track tears my legs up and running around in circles for 4 miles+ is not fun.

2. Like: Colored Nike Capris


I want these capris so bad. Running capris are already my favorite, and these Nike colored ones are so legit.

3. Dislike: Snow

Snow is the reason we have to run inside. It also makes the bottom of your pants wet and your feet cold. Plus when there is ice underneath it makes you slip and almost slide all the way to the bottom of hills. Which does not make you look cool.

4. Like: Coupons

Yes I have been clipping coupons for items I love and others that are just needed like shampoo. May as well save money the next time you need anything!!

5. Dislike: Sleeping the day away

Since Friday night we stayed up until 3:00am almost which meant we didn’t wake up until like 12pm on Saturday. To most this would be acceptable, but for me, I felt like my day was just wasted and it seemed like 5pm came really fast.

6. Like: Puzzles


Finished 2/10 puzzles this weekend. You might be catching the theme if you saw the other puzzle.

Definitely dogs and cats.


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