Saturday, December 11, 2010

Oh What a Busy Saturday


Last weekend the Student Dietetic Association had a Social and we exchanged ornaments.

Alex got a disney princess ornament and I got this cute giraffe.


Today the Cross Country Girls are having a Secret Santa and I am extremely excited.

Then people from our team are volunteering for 2 hours by putting food away, into boxes etc.

And then tonight we have a Tacky Christmas Sweater Party.


I have exactly 5 days until I get to go home and I couldn’t be more thrilled. Which means I will be going through everyone’s recipes and finding the ones I’ve always said “OH I want to make that, but I live in the dorm and can’t.” Now I’ll be able to make your wonderful recipes at home!


Even though today is packed with fun activities, I am sad because the Frostbite Series that I have done for the past few years started today and I didn’t even realize it. For some reason I thought it started after Winter Break started. Sad smile I really wanted to run the 7 miler today with my friend Jenny, but I won’t be able to. Guess I’ll see her for the 10 miler the day after Christmas!

Have you ever forgotten a race?

At least it’s good that I didn’t pay for the series, since I was just running the ones I’d be home for which is two I guess.


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