Thursday, December 9, 2010

It’s That Time Again


Chemistry Test. But also FINALS next week.

Thankfully I’ve already got one out of the way with.

I have:

  • Computer Final (really easy)
  • Selection and Prep of Foods Final (also easy)
  • Nutrition I Final (have to study for, no study guide until Friday but the final isn’t until Thursday)
  • Chemistry Final (also have a test on Friday and the final is Monday, but we are allowed to take it Wednesday)

So basically I’m focusing most of my time on Chemistry. I HAVE to get a B in the class, otherwise I get a 3.333 for semester. But if I do get a B I get a 3.7 for semester, crazy how big a gap that is right?

So wish me luck this week!!!!

In other news, here’s some of the food I have eaten this week

Reasons why I’ve taken pictures of my food this week:

    I am participating in a study for a student at my school. She is looking at the bone density of vegetarians vs non vegetarians and I offered to be a non vegetarian. Plus I am really wanting to get the DEXA (Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry) done which costs $400 if you have done yourself. But mine will be free!

It helps understand composition of bone, fat and lean mass.

So I have to keep a 3 day dietary log, which I am used to by now, being a dietetics major.

*this isn’t all I’ve eaten, just some highlights. I don’t take pictures of my boring cereal throughout the days.




The last two pictures were fun. We had “Kindergarten” themed dinner. I got fish sticks and a sundae. Plus some fruit cocktail and a spinach salad. The line was super long for the chicken tenders and chef Boyardee type ravioli.


Well back to the books I go!


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