Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Goals

So I just realized I started this blog in July, therefore I had to revisit my old blog to find my goals for New Years.

2010 Goals Revisited: Let’s see how I did.

  • Study harder and not last minute


I definitely practiced this one with my Nutrition and Chemistry class. However, it didn’t help so much in Chemistry. But I’m going to keep studying earlier because it is less stressful.

  • Apply for RA position

I applied and had two interviews, but I didn’t get the position. But it was probably for the best because I wouldn’t be able to run track and cross country and be an RA.

  • Find a job (on campus preferably)

I don’t have a job, but I recently before Christmas applied for a Computer Lab job for next semester. So we’ll see how that goes.

  • Run half marathon (Thinking about the Lewis and Clark half in April and also the Rock n Roll half in Chicago in August)

This is one of my favorites. I ran my first half marathon in April and fell in love with the distance!


  • Train hard and train smart

Definitely able to do this because of being on the team now.

  • new PR’s. would like to get to the 22′s for a 5k and in 21′s by the end of the year.

I annihilated this goal. My PR for the 5k is 21:13 and that was en route a 6k. So I most likely would’ve broken 21 if I didn’t have my stress fracture.

  • Read more (I love reading but always feel like I’m doing wrong when I’m reading for fun when I should be reading a textbook)

I’ve started reading more for myself. I finished Eclipse and am now reading The True Story of Hansel and Gretel.


I made some really achievable goals for 2010. Now I have to think up some for 2011.


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