Thursday, December 30, 2010

Weekly Running Recap

I’m a bit behind on posting this, but I’ve hardly been on the computer lately!


Monday: 1.5 miles in 11:45 @ 7:50 pace

I attempted to run but my sickness held me back and I had to walk to the rest of the way home.

Tuesday: no run – off day

Wednesday: no run – off day

Thursday: no run – off day

Third day of taking off running.

Friday: 3.5 miles in 28:30 @ 8:08 pace

Was finally able to run! Felt so much better. However I had to run through snow.

Saturday: No run – off day

It was Christmas day and I spent every minute with my relatives and just relaxing.

Sunday: 6.5 miles in 50:40 @ 7:47 pace

Ran 6.5/10 miles with my friend Jenny who was running in a race. We decided not to race it but just to treat it like a training run. It was absolutely freezing at “feels like 11 degrees.” My feet didn’t defrost/stop feeling like ice blocks until mile 4.

Then I had a total of .5 for warm-up and cool-down so 7 miles for the day.

This week I am hopefully hitting 26 miles for the week. Slowly building up and peaking at 40 miles for track. Hope everyone is having a good week!


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