Sunday, October 24, 2010

Yes, I do sell friendship bracelets!!

First off!

I have had some emails sent my way regarding the friendship bracelets I have made.


(the pink orange and yellow one)



I do sell them for a $5 flat rate including the string and shipping.

They are made to be taken on and off with a bead and hook method like the picture above shows.

If interested leave a comment with your email or email me at snthierry [at] gmail [dot] com


Now onto something I saw on Gina’s blog that is a really good idea. I am going to go out and get a small journal to carry around and start using this method to keep track of what I eat, my exercise and my plan of action for the day, all in one spot.

Mainly because we have been doing a really huge analysis project on our diets and I love my carbs, but I have noticed that I eat way way way too much fat, especially saturated fat and I really need to cut that back somehow.

I know this is hard and I don’t expect to be eating great until I get my own place next year. It’s hard to find things on campus that taste good and are low in fat. But I want to start keeping track now to get more of an idea of my daily actions and then I can be a better blogger by remember what all I did and make time to blog every day.

That is something I lack as a blogger..a set schedule of posting. I’m going to try to get better at this.



Source (Gina’s Post Bridal Bootcamp)

This was gina’s journal that influenced me to go out and get one later today since I also got a free coupon for Victoria’s Secret Underwear and a free coupon for stress relieving lotion from bath and body works!!


Once again I was a bad blogger and have been lacking food pictures. I actually didn’t take any since the last post!! Shame on me.


Here’s the running breakdown.



4 mile tempo.
2 mile warmup/cooldown

Goal paces were 6:50, 7:20, 7:20, 6:50

Real paces were 6:55, 7:21, 7:29, 7:07

The last two miles my legs would not move.

Total miles for the day: 6 miles


off day!! WAHOOO!!

I went and watched my friend Jenny run her districts cross country race. She has been sick and was really weak during her race. She’s moving onto sectionals though!!! Hope she gets better soon, she doesn’t deserve to be sick!


6 mile run.

56:05 @ 9:20 pace

Once again my legs were dead and would not move it felt like.

I also feel like I’m getting sick and just physically feel weak all over.


I hope to go to the trainers tonight and get my ultrasounds done on my legs and take a nice long ice bath.

I really want to feel better.


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