Thursday, October 21, 2010

I wish my legs would get better.

Some food.

My days have run together and I have forgotten when I ate these.







Onto the running…or not running.


Well I was supposed to have a midweek long run. However I saw a doctor the day before and she thinks I might have stress fractures in my legs and said “Only run if you have to” But the only way to know if I do or not is to have a bone scan. But if I got the bone scan done now and I did have fractures then I wouldn’t be able to run. So we decided we would wait to have the bone scan until after conference. So I am taking some meds called Mobic right now to see if it helps the pain.

It really dries you out for sure. Like lips and mouth. So I’ve been hydrating like crazy

Which brings me to another topic. NCAA drug testing!!

Yes, I got randomly chosen. This was not your typical go into a room where the toilet water is blue and the sink is disabled etc.

You took your cup in its plastic into a locker room. Washed your hands, then take the cup out of the plastic. You then walk into a stall and the lady says “okay, go ahead and pee. I have to hold the door open and watch you.” HAHA

Then if you still have to pee more she says “put the cup on the ground and then finish, I’ll close the door”

Yeah how fun.

So all in all, with my legs and no time to get in my midweek, I aqua jogged for 70 minutes which is about equivalent to 7.8 miles running.


Today, I did elliptical since I can’t swim so I have to aqua jog using a belt and that doesn’t get your heart rate up as good. So I hopped on the elliptical for 42 minutes to be about 5 miles of running. I hate elliptical a lot. It also hurt my legs too, so I guess I’ll try biking to cross train next time.

I get to run workouts and long runs, the other days I cross train by myself which is so boring. :(


Hope all is well. I won’t be blogging for a few days. I’ve got a busy schedule coming up.

*Going home
*Watching a high school cross race friday
*Driving back to school in the morning
*Watching high school cross race saturday
*Football game
*Chemistry thing
*Long Run Sunday


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