Sunday, September 26, 2010

Racing Away


4 Miles in 35:49 [8:57 per mile]

nice easy run before our race in Carbondale, IL


1.08 warmup

3.1 race – 21:45

Yes a 30 second PR. Have you ever ran a race where you PR’d but you weren’t happy with the way you raced? That would be me.

Hopefully next week when we go to Louisville (one of the biggest meets we will go to) it’ll be a better race and a better time.

.95 cooldown


We ate at Quatro’s Pizza afterwards because everyone said it was the place to go in Carbondale. Deep Dish Pizza and it was incredible!


I'’m going to try to post more often, but I am incredibly busy this year with the team. I’m not just a loser sitting in my room all the time haha. I have practice 2 times a day, class until the afternoon, studying and homework each night and hanging out with the team. So I promise I’m not quitting the blog, I just will blog when I have the time.

I haven’t taken pictures lately of my food because I just got into “I don’t want to blog” this week phase.

But here are some that I have taken.

P9220030 P9180004 P9180005 P9180006 P9180007 P9190008 P9190009  P9190011 P9190012 P9190013 P9190014 P9210023 P9210025 P9210027 P9220028


You know, everyday I think about how much I want to live in apartment, mainly so I can cook my own food. It normally goes like this:

If the cafeteria has nothing good to eat – eat pizza, it’s always good.

Therefore I end up eating pizza a lot. :(


This week Alex and I went to Red Lobster (I’ve never been before) and it was incredible! I ordered the Shrimp Fettuccini and it was so delicious I ate it all. I would say though that for the portion size it was not worth the money. I got a half order and there was about 10 bites if that for 11.99.


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Anonymous said...

i've definitely had races where i've "done well" but haven't really felt good about it before. it sucks because i'm not happy but no one understands because i've pr'd!

but still. a 30 second pr is HUGE for a 5k! you should be soooooooo proud of that. because i am :) seriously. that is a GINORMOUS accomplishment.

misszippy said...

Congrats on the PR! I have been there before--a good time, or a good place, but not happy! So silly, we should all celebrate when we do well.

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