Thursday, September 23, 2010

Race Recap + Running Recap


Well it’s been forever. Honestly, I just haven’t felt like blogging. Been catching up on sleep, reading and tv watching. :)

As you should know, we went to Nashville for my first ever collegiate 5k. I had a goal of breaking 21 minutes, but it was a slow day for everyone, therefore the goal was no where close to really happening.

The 2nd mile particularly seemed really slow and possibly long? It’s still in debate but everyone’s second mile was extremely slower than the first, even when we conserved the first mile knowing the course was running slow.

Yes, running is mental and strategy and calculations. No you cannot just go out and run. That is running stupid. :)

I ran a 22:13 which is still a 20 second PR, but I’m in shape to run a 21:00 or 21:15 right now, so I was disappointed a tad bit, but before we even raced, coach said he doesn’t care about time, he cares about place. So I spent my race trying to pass people. At the mile I was in 105th place and I finished at 87th.


Running Recap


You know about the 3.07 miles easy in 30 minutes while playing the alphabet game.

Then we ran .84 to preview part of the course in 7:47

total miles for the day: 3.91


Woke up and did a shakeout run to get the blood flowing.

Then warmed up before the race.


cooled down.

total miles for the day: 5.99


Long Run Day

Ran 7 miles in 1:04

Miles for week: 37.7


Aqua Jogging. 36 minutes

Equivalent to 4 miles running


Workout Day. Mile Repeats.

Warmup: 1.07 miles in 10 min

4 mile repeats with standing rest between.


goal time was 6:50

Cooldown: .97 miles in 10 min


Midweek Long Run

6 miles in 51:58

Thursday (Today):

Since most of us are feeling awful, coach gave us a few choices regarding the race this weekend. We could:

A) Do a secondary workout today and do a workout during the race Saturday.
B) Just do two casual runs and race Saturday.
C) Do the secondary workout Friday and just do a training run during the race Saturday.
D) Join the Tennis Club.

hahaha! We didn’t want to do C because we didn’t want to look bad and have people thinking we were slow. We were torn between A and B. But decided on B because we would instinctively want to race anyway instead of the workout. Plus who wants to do 3 workouts in a week?

Therefore today we had an easy run but the last two miles we had to do 6-30 second surges.

5 miles in 42:43

8:11 (did 3 surges)
7:57 (did 3 surges)



That is the recap thus far of running! A lot to take in. :)


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Anonymous said...

great job in the race. a pr is soooo exciting! and since you feel like you're in better shape than the time indicates that means that you'll absolutely ROCK it next time. very exciting :D

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