Sunday, September 12, 2010

New Shoes, New Shoes, I need New Shoes.




Clif Z bar with some gatorade to fuel for my long run.

I bought this little pitcher for 2 dollars instead of buying a water bottle to keep my gatorade in to drink out of.

Savvy Shopper. hah


Long run.

7 Miles in 59:00 [8:25 per mile]


This run was miserable because I need new shoes. I switched to some of my old asics that still have some miles left on them, but because I overpronate and need support shoes, the neutral shoe that I have just did not work. My ankles hurt so bad as did the balls of my feet and eventually both my whole legs.

My new shoes are basically just chillin’ somewhere because the rep hasn’t sent them? It’s all confusing and everyone is frustrated, but coach is going to try to find me some temporary shoes hopefully.



Put two pieces of cheese on my hashbrowns then they had omelettes today! Woot! I got mine with turkey, ham and cheese.


Coach got jealous of the bracelet I made Jenny. Remember?


So he wanted one made with royal blue and orange. Of course I made him one.



You can also take this one off and on :)

If anyone is interested in one, maybe I could make some extra pocket change haha! Let me know :)



My dad makes his own trail mix out of various things. He made me some to take home last week.

It’s basically been my main form of snackage during the day!


I won a giveaway of FitSok’s and oh my goodness they are amazing.


They are thick and extremely soft and comfortable. I have worn the two pair I got almost every day last week during my runs.

Definitely check into getting a pair, you won’t be disappointed. They have become my favorite socks for sure.

Then I was contacted my Soleo Organics to try their sunscreen.


I put this baby on for our drill/core set because that is at 3:30pm and it’s usually really sunny and hot.

Of course it decided to rain and when it says on the packet “very water resistant” it truly means it.

I got into the car after and I had rain drops still formed on my arms and legs until I wiped them off about 10 minutes later.

The only thing I wasn’t much of a fan of was the smell. But other than that it definitely was nice!



* nutrition homework
* make 3 bracelets
* Watch Video Music Awards!
* log my diet for nutrition class
* Watch Hellcats and see if it is any good


Other important news: my first collegiate 5k race is this Saturday! I’ll definitely fill you all in about it!


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Anonymous said...

I really enjoy reading your blog and the pics you post. Cute bracelet.

Anonymous said...

hey girlie!
i want a super cute bracelet! 5$! hehe!
good luck in your 5k! whoop whoop you will rock it! 1st place winnnnerrrr! :)
I hope you have a great week!

Kelsey said...

i used to braid and make bracelets for peeps all the time! i swear, it was all people liked me for lol.

i need new shoes too! urgh i have ones that keep rubbing on the top of my foot! driving me crazy and im tired of having to put bandaids on everytime just to tolerate them!

xoxo <3

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