Monday, September 13, 2010

New Look!






Have an off day from running. Instead of running we have aqua jogging today in the pool.

So since we didn’t have practice this morning I went and did my weight lifting.

Let’s just say my arms felt like jelly and it was hard to even turn my steering wheel.


P9120002 P9120003


P9120004 P9120006

Before and after

P9120007 P9120008

pineapple and some philly cheese steak.


Since yesterday was kind of my relax day, I didn’t get a lot done.

So now today’s to do list looks like this:

* Last class at 1:30
* Pool Workout
* Chem hw
* Nutrition hw
* Nutrition dietary log

Shouldn’t be too bad.


The blog got a makeover if you haven’t seen.

new look

Check it out.


Also I was not very impressed with the VMA’s last night but Ushers performance was pretty great if I had to say the greatest.


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VeggieGirl said...

Just like MTV as a whole, the VMAs are nothing special and barely music-related anymore. Oh well, haha. I too like Usher's performance though... and I laughed at the fact that Lady Gaga's black dress was so heavy that she needed her entourage to help her get up on stage :-D

Molly said...

Glad you're loving college xc! D1 was too intense for me, but you're making me wish I had D2 or D3 available. Oh well- a marathon will do for now ;)

Anonymous said...

yay college xc! i did not watch the vmas. nor did i realize they were on. does that make me really old?! hahah

Kelsey said...

PIZZA!!!!!!! omg and philly cheessteak!!! come to mama ;)

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