Monday, September 13, 2010

Cross Training Does the Body Good


We now have instead of a day off, a pool workout. We aqua jog once a week.

I like this because it eliminates the pounding on your legs that running causes but still gives a workout.

We had a 8 minute warmup then a 20 minute workout with hard and easy intervals and then an 8 minute cooldown.

Coach said when aqua jogging your pulse should be at least 20/21 beats per 10 seconds.

The two times we tested mine was 24 and 25. Success.

This workout was equivalent to 4 miles running.



dinner was not very good tonight. I got a little bit of “fettuccini alfredo” which should’ve been called “bowtie alfredo” but I won’t get technical. Then I had some bow ties with meat sauce but the noodles were OVERcooked. Ew. The hot dog with chili and cheese was good. They didn’t have buns when I went up, but it was probably better without anyway.

Then I saw some girl with some fresh fruit!! They must’ve just put it out so I ran like no other and grabbed some!


I honestly love fruit!!!

I was still hungry so of course I grabbed the go to food if there isn’t anything else good: pizza.



Part of my homework was to analyze some research done on calcium absorption.

I thought I would let you all read the article, it’s quite interesting.

All in all: the study resulted in the two ice cream formulations having the same amount of calcium and similar ingredients proved the calcium absorption to be almost equivalent to calcium absorption of reduced fat milk.

Here’s the abstract of it, but to get the full text you have to have an account.


I also watched Hellcats from last week and I really liked it.


I can’t wait to watch it again!

Also One Tree Hill started tonight, however I only watch tv days later online.

I don’t have time to watch at night.

Do you watch tv at it’s scheduled time, or watch it when it’s convenient for you?




It is playlist monday!!!!

However today is a shortened one and I just want to know:

 what you all have been listening to!!



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Anonymous said...

i don't have a tv anymore so i watch it when it's convenient by default! hahah.

great pool workout. you are one fit chica :)

and i've been listening too the new sean kingston as well as the new bruno mars, although the later isn't really a good workout song hah :)

Kelsey said...

how the heck is ur pizza always so seductive!! myyyy ohh myyy and ur dinner look LOVELY!!

i never watch tv at its usual scheduled time. all tv watching is online on my computer.. so much more convenient for catching up no commercials hehe <3


Andrea said...

Lately my fave song is We Speak No Americano!
Orrr I heard a really nice slow song by Christina Aguilera on the Entourage finale last night called You Lost Me.

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