Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Get into a Rhythm

I need to figure out a rhythm to things. Such as when is a good time to post. I really feel the blog is slacking and I’m going to try and fix that.

Goals for the Blog

1. Post regularly

Morning: Morning post will be about run, breakfast and the to do list for the day
Night: Night post will be lunch, things done in the day and dinner

2. Blog Makeover

Within the next few weeks (depending on my time) I am going to revamp the blog. I feel it’s cluttered.
I also want to add some more tabs, maybe including some nutrition tips and race recaps

3. More Giveaways

For all of my readers that have stuck with me through my lack of blogging lately, I will be hosting lots of giveaways coming up.
I have multiple items to give away but haven’t had the time. So look for those.
Hint: something cool for your wrist (remember my bracelet I made?), something for skin protection, a cure for stinky clothes, and some pain relief for you runners out there!
Exciting, I know! So keep a look out!


I don’t want to make too many goals, because I want to be able to reach them all and soon.

If you have any ideas on how to improve the blog or what more you’d like to see, I’d love your input. It may or may not be used, depending on what it is :D

So either leave a comment or email me at if you have anything you’d like to add!


I know I missed out on Playlist Monday, but I thought I’d leave you with a great cover by nonetheless, the amazing Alex Goot.


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Kelsey said...

i need to come up with some giveaways too, definitely fun for both the blogger and bloggee <3

im excited about this mini makeover your planning too for your blog, should be fun!


night night love <3

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