Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Race Recap!


So my first ever collegiate race was Saturday.

It was a 4k, not a 5k.

I felt really good the first mile and hit pace at the mile that coach wanted. (6:45 and I hit it at 6:43)

After that I felt like I just straight ate it, but I actually didn’t. I maintained a 6:45 pace for the whole race.

My finish time was 17:20, which is 6:58 pace or so, however the course was long.

So if you want to get technical my 4k time was more around 16:50 or a bit under.

But since it’s a 4k and not a 5k anyway, it doesn’t matter.

I ran a pretty good race in my opinion. Kept a consistent pace and passed girls.

At the mile marker I was 48th I believe and at the finish I was 33rd. Apparently this was out of 147ish girls.

So overall I had a good race and can’t wait to actually run a 5k to see what my time will be!

It’s possible I could be sub 21 minutes which is a HUGE PR for me considering my 5k time is 22:33.

How exciting?!

Here are some photos of me during the race. Not so pretty haha. The spandex definitely will not be worn again because they rode up insanely! I’m pretty sure the whole park saw my butt.






My dad took all these pictures!!

After the race




He also took these pictures :D

This picture was from the day before. We went to a high school race to support some of our high school friends. Our bff Brad won the varsity boys! Heck yes!!


someone’s mom took this one hah



I haven’t been a very good blogger lately. I haven’t taken many food pictures, but here’s what I found on my phone/camera.






  Food my mom made me on Saturday.



They’ll be a more recent post of the eats and such as well as three/four reviews later on!


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Genesis said...

wow, great job on the race! you beat out more than half of the people.

Anonymous said...

holy moly you are smoking fast! you are such a champ and i LOVE the pictures. wayyy cute and fierce :)

VeggieGirl said...


Kelsey said...

my little runner bunny WOHOO! u finished strong girl! btw ur hair is GGGORGEROUS! i usually run with a braid, keeps long hair tied back do u can run without it in ur way :) GOOD JOB!! i wouldnt want to try to keep up to you <3

mmm and yummy eats- perfect fuel!


Jeri said...

great job on the race. I like the booty shorts, but not if they're actually riding up your booty. :p

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