Thursday, September 9, 2010

It’s Almost Friday!!



clif z bar like usual


Had an off day today, but went in to do weights since I didn’t have time to yesterday.



Snacked on a luna protein bar. Cookie dough is the best flavor.

Also had some almonds and chocolate that my dad mixed together for me.


Well I just got back from my Chemistry Recitation. Definitely understanding it more than I did before.

Now for the rest of the day

* Nutrition 1
* Introduction to Microcomputer Applications
* Lunch
* Selection and Preparation of Food (We are making oatmeal cookies!!)
* Core/Drill session
* Study a bit more of Chemistry
* Dinner
* Get caught up on some TV, or try to
* Pack
* Possibly play some Monopoly Deal or Magic.

What are your plans for the day?


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Anonymous said...

work work work. and it's a clinic day so that means a looooooooong night. but i love my job so it's okay. i guess ;)

gooooood luck with that busy day!

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