Sunday, August 29, 2010

Running Recap + Timex Watch


This week’s running looks like this:


Monday: Easy Run – 4 miles

Tuesday: Progressive Fartlek (2 min hard, 1 min easy)
warmup/cooldown: 2.26 miles total

Fartlek pace was around 7:28 and ran for 22 minutes.

Afternoon: Drills/Core Work with .5 mile warmup/cooldown
total miles for the day: 6.26


Wednesday: Midweek Long Run – 5 miles

Thursday: Easy Run – 4 miles that turned into 4.26 miles, ran with coach.

Friday: Hill Training
warmup/cooldown: 2.31 miles total
The loop we run for hills is .59 miles long

did 5 loops in the 24:47 minutes.
total miles for the day:

Saturday: Off Day

Sunday: Long Run – 6 miles turned into 5.8 miles


total miles for the week: 30.6 miles

First collegiate cross country race is next Saturday!! However instead of a 5k, it’s a 4k.



Bought this watch yesterday from my Amazon Shop.


$26.35, with shipping it’s about $33 dollars. Apparently the retail price is $119.00

It was an incredible deal for a timex 75 lap memory recall watch.

It’s also titanium.

I bought it because I need a watch to race with since you can’t run with your Garmin.

I’ll let you know how I like it! :D


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Anonymous said...

i love the picture of your weekly runs. makes me want to get all creative and do it like that too :)

so exciting about the first race! good luck :)

...Barbie... said...

why cant you run with your garmin?!

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