Monday, August 30, 2010

Playlist Monday! Here Again!


We’re slacking on the Playlist Monday’s guys. Only two people again.

But a lovely two they are!

Katie said, “I am loving anything Lady Gaga too! LOVE HER!!!”

Kelsey said, “ive always loved Lights voice! not a fan of her music vids tho.. kinda weird.
hmm right now into the 80's rock or anything upbeat.. vintage madonna = love haha”


Here’s a playlist for strength training


I really haven’t listened to a lot of music lately because I’ve been real busy.


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Anonymous said...

haha youre so silly! i always forget about music/playlist monday because you don't post the choices until a week after :)

but since i've remembered (hah!) i'm really digging "swagger" by ... ti? i don't know and it's old but i love it haha

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