Saturday, August 28, 2010

Big ole Recap

It’s been a long time, so instead of breaking things down day by day, I’ll share with you all the food I’ve eaten. Then tomorrow I’ll do a running recap.

That work?


P8288358 IMAG0188

 IMAG0189 IMAG0190

 IMAG0191 IMAG0192

 IMAG0195 IMAG0198

 IMAG0199 IMAG0201

 IMAG0202 IMAG0203

 IMAG0204 IMAG0205 

 IMAG0207 IMAG0208

 IMAG0209 IMAG0210

 IMAG0211 IMAG0212

 IMAG0213 IMAG0214

 IMAG0215  P8228348

 P8228352 P8228353

P8228354 P8238355


Hopefully starting this week I can blog daily again. The first week of school was just real hectic and I’m not sure if the rest of the weeks will be that way or not. So I can’t promise anything. Sorry!!


3 footprints:

Anonymous said...

you had me at that very first picture of triscuts and cheese :)

hope things calm down a bit and you can blog more! i like reading what you post :)

Amanda said...

Everything looks really good! Pretty much what I typically eat too! lol

Fashion Meets Food said...

So now I really want triscuts with cheese so I will definitely be getting those today. Everything looks absolutely amazing!


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