Monday, August 30, 2010

Oh how I love being busy

First up let’s recap some more things that have happened.

I finally used the $40 CSN giftcard I won in a giveaway and I bought this blanket.


How cool right? Don’t be a hater. :D

I also made one of my friends a bracelet!


I guess it can be a bookmark too. But since she runs in highschool, they don’t allow jewelry, so I made it so she can take it on and off.


So the loop at the end just wraps around the pearl button.


Then some more eats throughout yesterday and possibly the day before




missing cheesy hashbrowns. I was so excited to eat them, I forgot to take a picture.


Couldn’t eat it all.


Had my first Student Dietetics Association meeting and of course Dietetics and the students make the best food!


Onto today..


Had a very easy run this morning.

3.6 Miles in 32:47 [9:06 per mile]

4:59 @ 8:31 pace

Ran with two girls from the team and just chilled behind them. Easy runs should be easy. ha



Had a light breakfast because I had to run again in 30 minutes. Had a toasted peanut butter sandwich, strawberry yogurt with corn flakes and 2 sausage links.


Had a mile time trial in my jogging/walking for fitness class. Dogged it because there’s no need to all out run a mile when I’m training for cross country and have a meet this weekend.

So I ran 7:30 for my mile hah.



Everything looked gross so of course the last resort is always pizza. The pasta today was actually really good!!

Also got my daily orange juice as well as a bowl of grapes.


Had a meeting at 3pm to go over some things for cross.

Then it was time for weights. I don’t know exactly what everything is called but this is what we are doing so far.

triceps with 15 lbs: 3 reps of 12.

Bench press with 10 lbs: 3 reps of 12

Curls with 10 lbs: 3 reps of 12

Not sure what they are called but you put one leg on the bench and relax your arm with a weight and then lift up. 10lbs: 3 reps of 12 with each arm.

Leg presses with 25 lbs and the machine weight itself: 3 reps of 12

Then this one thing that I have no idea what its called but you stand in the middle and lift it up around you. You can add weight to it, but it’s already really heavy so we just lift the bar and thing itself: 3 reps of 12

I think that’s all. It’s just preparing us for actual weights in about 2 weeks.

Got a uniform!


haha modeling. it’s adidas because our nike ones don’t come in for awhile.



Also nothing good again, so resulted with more pizza. Thought the potatoes were cheesy, definitely not. Some very spicy kind. I ate about half still.

Then of course I got some pork! :D


Made a spinach salad with cottage cheese, tiny bit of ranch and some black beans!


Then of course some chocolate milk!


Then some other things I did today:

- took my online Chem quiz that is due Monday. First time I got an 8/10, second time I got a 10/10. You can take it up to 5 times. I think I’m still going to take it the other 3 times because I print out the questions and circle my answers. There are new questions each time. I think it’ll give me more sample problems that might be on the test. Plus your best score is taken and I already got a perfect score.

- Started memorizing the elements in Chem. They are due Thursday and I have over half the stack memorized so far

- Watched last nights Big Brother US (it’s getting intense now that there are less people!)


How’s life been going for you?!

Do you watch Big Brother? Who do you want to win? My favorites are Britney, Ragan and Lane.


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Kelsey said...

omg id love to eat the food the students in the class prepared! that looks so fantastic, little bit of different options.. mm hot dog with some pasta.. eggs too :)

i just used my 60$ csn giveaway win too. yesterday i ordered my XXL muffin pan haha. so excited <3

Anonymous said...

" easy runs should be easy" AMEN.

you look awesome in that uniform! i bet that it feels really really good to put that baby on :)

Anonymous said...

hey gorgeous girlie!!
ya ya ya for rockin the new uniform! UK! I have a friend who swims for UK...your going to the wrong school! :)
I hope your week is off to a great start busy girl!

Fashion Meets Food said...

Looks like you've been eating some amazing food! That blanket is cute, and LOVE LOVE LOVE the bracelet you made. I wish I knew how to make ones like that I would definitely make one. While I may be high end fashion, I have a thing for those kinds of bracelets!


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