Friday, August 13, 2010

Oh Big Brother!

When I did my Erio’s post I totally forgot to show you my picture of my tortellini! I forgot to add it because I forgot I took a picture!


hah forgive my forgetfulness and bad blogging skills! Doesn’t it look delicious?

moving on to today


Ran at 10am so it was really hot and humid with the sun bright. If the sun wasn’t out it would’ve been gorgeous!!

Run: 2.53 Miles in 20:18 [8:01 per mile]

splits went as follows

4:02 @ 7:41 pace



Breakfast was in liquid form hah. Gotta love chocolate milk for recovery after a run! So refreshing.



My brother’s in town and wanted St Louis Bread Company/Panera for lunch so I went with him and we got it to go since Dad wanted to stay at home. So I got french onion soup for lunch. I ate it all…almost!

We watched Big Brother US while eating lunch. I LOVE BRITNEY hahaha she is so funny. Her interpretation of Brendan had me laughing.


Go to 1:16 in the video!! You’ll see what I’m talking about!! She’s so funny. (if viewing in reader, there’s a video here and you’ll have to come to my blog to see it)




Blue Bunny Vanilla Storm ice cream. Probably the best ice cream ever.

Ate this while watching


Totally never thought Toby was really bad. But he does creep me out a bit at times.

hah this show is so addicting and intense. If you aren’t watching it, then you are crazy. Just because it’s good suspense. And fills 45 minutes of my day.


Went to Pink because they are having a deal that if you buy a Pink product you can get a laptop case for $5 and I need one since I’ll be travelling with the team at school. Also I had a free coupon for some lotion with a pink purchase and a $10 off $50 coupon! So here’s what I got!


Most expensive item but it was my “I need to hit 50 dollars to use my coupon. So I don’t feel bad spending 22 for this shirt when really it’ll be 12 with 10 off” and come on it’s my school colors!! :)


Summery pants, they have beachballs and ice cream cones and you know how much I love ice cream!
18.99 marked down from 32.

IMG_8756 IMG_8757

back and front of pants.
also 18.99 marked down from 32


The cute laptop case! My laptop just barely fits in it, which is okay I guess haha I was hoping it’d fit better but my laptop is wider than most.


free lotion except it is 2.5 fl oz not 6.7. Smells pretty good.

So I got all of that for $60! Yeah I know that shirt put me a lot over, but it’s worth it. They don’t really sell much for under $10  dollars except underwear and I don’t need that. I also didn’t know how much tax would be, but I like my shirt!!



Obviously an after shot. I don’t normally sweat so much BEFORE a run haha!


Ran again at 8pm. It was hotter than this morning at 10, but felt a lot better since the sun was gone. About 98 degrees out.

Run: 3.5 Miles in 28:29 [8:08 per mile]


.5 - 3:53

bit of some negative splits there.



Powerade because I’m saving the Gatorade mix for school.


Put them zensah sleeves on right when I got back! Can you tell by my vein-y feet post run.

 That’s all folks!

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Anonymous said...

you seem to be running alot more and eating alot less lately?

Fashion Meets Food said...

Your food looks good. Love all the pink stuff!!!


Kelsey said...

seems like somebody loves their PINK hehe <3
i wish i was able to get more into big brother. why dont i like it!?! maybe its the talking.. my attention span is short. but i will say that there is some good drama that goes down on that show!

how u been feeling love? keep thinking about that wisdom tooth extraction and hoping ur feeling okay

xoxo <3

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