Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Two Giveaways!


Giveaway #1

Alright this giveaway is because I felt bad for throwing away these products.

They all have best by dates of June and July. I am not going to eat them but I know some of you don’t care about dates so I’m offering them up!


1 Chocolate Cashew Raw Revolution Bar
3 White Macadamia Luna Bars
2 Nuts Over Chocolate Luna Bars

Giveaway #2

This giveaway, all the products are good until 2011!


6 packs of Berry Sport Beans
1 pack of Fruit Punch Sport Beans


How to enter for the giveaways


Mandatory entry:

Visit my amazon shop and tell me what products you like.
Tell me which giveaway you are entering (if both see below)

Extra entry:

Tell me what products you’d love to see in my shop.


If you want to enter BOTH giveways then:

You do the mandatory entry and in your comment just say “both”

Also, tell me something that you like about my blog or something that could improve my blog!

Giveaway will end Monday the 16th of August and winner will be announced Tuesday!



15 footprints:

Anonymous said...

i'm entering both :)

and i really like champion fitness cami. so cute!

Anonymous said...

i really like the music mondays. gives me new ideas for my playlists!

i'd love to see your playlists though :)

Anonymous said...


1) I like the ''I like to run, thereford I am nuts'', it sounds funny!

Anonymous said...

2) I would like to see food products (can you? I don't know so sorry if it's not allowed) like those bars (even expired, it doesn' t matter lol)

Anonymous said...

Oh I forgot, what I like about your blog is it's very 'clean'. Not disorganized. And I also like all the interesting giveaways!

Kelsey said...

id love to have my own Garmin. everyone has one and i totally understand how convenient they are! definitely worth it :)

i cant get raw revolution bars here anymore which sucks so much since theyre my fav!!!

btw. i love both of ur giveaways.

ur blog is fantastic because its well laid out, easy to read, and the colors brighten my day.

ps. how has ur jaw been feeling post wisdom tooth extraction? hope uve been pain free!! or at least as much pain-free as possible!

xoxo <3

Emily said...

both =D

i really like the phiten titanium necklaces. i'm gonna order one tomorrow!

Emily said...

have you read the book "born to run"? it could be in your shop, i loved it!

Emily said...

i'd be interested to hear about your major in school/what you plan on doing with it

Anonymous said...


I like the yellow nike shorts - I actually just ordered a pair from somewhere else earlier this week. I'm nervous about yellow, but yellow = Lance = win, right? And my other option was black & I already have two of those.

I love your blog! I really like the headers you use to break up the essentials. That's such a great idea (that I totally want to steal).

And I'm so amused that you made a giveaway out of your expired bars. Very resourceful.

elizabethlacy said...

Both :)

I like the yellow nike shorts you put up. I actually just ordered a pair earlier this week and am a little nervous about the color, but yellow = Lance = win, right? Plus it was either that or black and I already have two black pairs.

I really like the headers you use on your blog. It's a genius idea (why don't more people do it?) and it keeps the essentials neat and visually broken up without having to rely on paragraphs of text. I want to steal the idea, but haven't. Love your blog!

Also, I'm almost just entering because I think it's such a resourceful giveaway!

Jeri said...

I've always wanted to try those sport beans! I love all the running books that are in the amazon shop. :)

Jeri said...

And I'd love to see some of your cute running clothes in the amazon shop!

Diana D said...

I would be interested in the Sports Nutrition Guide book. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway.


dianad8008 AT gmail DOT com

Anonymous said...

I know this was a while ago, but I just wanted to let you know that I'm sorry my comment showed up twice under two names! I wasn't trying to pull a fast one - the first comment said it didn't go through. :( Sometimes I have problems commenting on blogspot blogs.

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