Monday, July 12, 2010

Where was I?

Alright let’s begin this massive recap!

I was gone all weekend because I was in Wichita, Kansas.

It was my aunt’s birthday and we went to surprise her!

We left Friday morning and came back Sunday night.




Chick Fil A for lunch!

P7070030  P7070029



Graham and I hung out for most of the day. We also packed for the trip!


running copy

My running for this week was a bit top heavy on some days.

This was because I knew I wouldn’t have time to run one day,

and was actually hoping to have both car ride days off of running.

But because of my failed run, I could only get one off day in.





This run sucked. I really wish QT had a drinking fountain.

I also ran 5.77 miles in that time, so the pace and stuff is a bit off.

Lola the Garmin decided to be .10 off. Shame on her.


My mom got us chinese for dinner. I got Pork Lo Mein without vegetables.

And a crab rangoon!




running copy





Ran at 6:30am because my parents wanted to leave at 8.

Body wasn’t really feeling this run, but toughed it out.


We were all ready to leave and we were walking graham to get into the car

and he pulled right out of his harness and ran away!

He must’ve thought we were taking him to the kennel.

So there I was chasing him in flip flops and both my parents trying to get him as well.

I guess he decided to train for a triathlon because he then went for his first ever swim.

He walked right into the golf course lake and freaked out and came back out.

So we finally got him and of course then he smelled like stinky wet dog and

wanted to lay all on my lap the whole ride.

Poor thing was shivering. :(

We dried him and I wrapped a blanket around him but he still couldn’t stop.




Sausage McMuffin from McDonalds. The only thing I will eat from there.



Taco Bell Chicken Quesadilla for lunch!


 P7090063 P7090066

Trader Joe’s incredible chocolate covered peanut butter pretzels!!


We surprised my aunt at dinner at an Italian Restaurant called Johnny Carino’s.


Caesar Salad


Chicken Milano.
Fettuccini with mushrooms, then chicken breast with a piece of ham covered in provolone cheese.

Pretty good, but wasn’t impressed with the food. Their bread was good though!



running copy


Just did 3 miles since it was around my grandma’s neighborhood.

Not much you could really run.

Ran a slow and easy run.



Felipe’s Restaurant! This is where my mom got our Flauta recipe.

Hers are better by far!



 IMAG0130 IMAG0131


I got 2 really cute dresses!!

Then I got 2 Victoria’s Secret PINK hoodies and

2 Kansas Jayhawks shirts :)


We did the dinner last night to throw my aunt off so she thought

that us coming to town was the surprise.

When really everyone had planned a surprise party for her family and friends.

That’s why we went shopping so the party could get together etc.

She was so surprised.




Vanilla Swiss Almond Ice Cream. My dad and I agreed it would’ve

been so much better if the almonds were bigger!


On the road again.

When Graham wasn’t cuddled with me, which was almost never, he was laying like this.




Schlotzsky’s Deli for lunch.


Domino’s Pizza for dinner and Drop Dead Diva watching!

I got an all white pizza with italian sausage and spinach!



So there you have it, a recap of my entire weekend!!


Next Post Contains:

Daily doings
Betsey Johnson selling of wallet and purse.


have a great day!


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Matt said...

Sounds like you had some adventures!

Genesis said...

omg i love your dresses. you know i havent had a TB quesadilla in forever. probably a good thing we live 8 miles away from the nearest one.

Anonymous said...

great running on your trip! sounds like it was a blast overall too :)

Andrea said...

Love your puppy! Is he a cockapoo? Or a schnoodle?
And I love how you got lo-mein WITHOUT veggies! haha this is why I read your blog everyday! So I don't feel as guilty not eating local organic food

Anonymous said...

how the HECK do you stay thin even though you eat that kinda food?! i'm soo jealous...hahah =)

Samantha said...

haha! I was taught in Sports Nutrition that there is no such thing as "bad" food, you just have to eat everything in moderation. Honestly I eat what I like and I LOVE carbs. Plus carbs fuel my running so it all works out :) I'll probably eat more healthy when I'm done with college and all that jazz, but right now I'm just going to enjoy what I eat and let my running keep me in shape!

Samantha said...

Andrea - he's a cockapoo :) and very adorable, might I add!! haha I honestly wish I liked vegetables, but there is just something about them! I can eat them if they are disguised in stuff to where you can't taste them. Such as fried green beans. haha maybe not the healthiest way to eat them, but it's better than nothing. I also take a multi vitamin and drink v8 fusion(when i'm in school) to get some vegetables/vitamins in my diet too.

Anonymous said...

great eats girl! LOVE chickfila! yumm!
those dresses are freakin adorable!
you eat amazingly- dont change it!

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